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I - German Origins

In an area of wooded, rounded hills near the northern boundary of the Land or Province of Hesse, and some 110 kilometres east of Cologne, there lies the little village of Engelbach-- meaning Angels' Brook, or perhaps Anglers' Brook or Crooked Brook. The village was first mentioned, as Engelenbahc or Engelbahc, in 1237, and not long ago proudly celebrated its 750th anniversary. It is reasonable to assume that it was from here that the Engelbach family originated and took its name, for surnames when they originated in medieval times were often based on the locality from which a man had come, once he had moved to somewhere else and could therefore be usefully described as, for instance, "John, the man from Engelbach".

That this is likely to have been the case is indicated by the fact that the earliest probable Engelbach ancestor of which we know was from Biedenkopf, a small but ancient town no more than six kilometres west of the village of Engelbach. This was Joachim Engelbach, who is believed to have been a carpenter, probably born in the 1540's. Moreover, a Volpert or Volprecht Engelbach, presumably related to Joachim, was the "Pfarrer" or Lutheran Pastor in the village of Dautphe, with its Romanesque and Gothic perish church, about six kilometres south of Biedenkopf, and nine from Engelbach, some time during the period 1535-63, and more certainly in 1560. He was only the first of many Engelbach pastors over the next two centuries and more.

Joachim's son Johannes Engelbach was born in about 1565, and is recorded as having been a student in 1579 at the relatively new University of Marburg (founded 1527, and soon an influential centre of Protestant theology) 20 kilometres from Biedenkopf, where he earned the degree of "Magister" (Master of Arts?). He too became a pastor, and died in 1635 at Kleinkarben, some 80 kilometres to the south, and about 15 kilometres north of Frankfurt. It is not clear whether Kleinkarben was in Hesse; more probably it was at that time in the small imperial Grafschaft or county of Kaichen, a dependency of the imperial Burg or fortified city of Friedberg, 12 kilometres to the north.

Johannes had two sons: Konrad, a pastor in Kleinkarben and a series of neighbouring localities from 1624 to 1666, the approximate date of his death in Wöllstadt, six kilometres to the north; and, more important to our story, Johann Jacob Engelbach, born in 1596 at Kleinkarben, and deceased in December 1679 at Büdesheim, six kilometres to the east, also belonging to Kaichen. Johann Jacob was an "écoutète" or Schultheiss (a sort of village mayor or headman) and "Untergrefe" (which seems to be some kind of junior village magistrate); whatever the exact meaning of these titles, it is clear that we have here the first recorded example of another traditional Engelbach family occupation, alongside and indeed much more long-lasting than that of pastor, namely that of official or civil servant. His wife's first name we do not know, but her maiden name was Kern. Significantty, this name recurs: a great-great-granddaughter of hers and Johann Jacob's, Sophie Sibylle König married a Philipp Heinrich Kern of Bouxwiller in 1745- another civil servant, of course. A niece of this Sophie, Margaret Elisabeth Luise König was in Goethe's circle in Strasbourg in 1770-2 (see section lV below).

The small village of Büdesheim is set in the gently rolling, fertile countryside some twenty kilometres to the northeast of Frankfurt am Main, and traversed by the small stream of the Nidder. The history of the village may go back to the eighth century, but the village church of St. Andrew is not mentioned until 1233. It was converted to use by Lutherans by 1555 at the latest, and it was there, presumably, that Johann Jacob Engelbach and his wife had their son, the future Pastor Georg Engelbach, baptised in 1629. We know no more than this of the circumstances, because like so much else in this central part of Germany, the church was badly damaged in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648); most of its interior decoration is subsequent to that period, as is the small deserted manor house (Schloss) of the village.

No Engelbachs live in Büdesheim now, but there is one in Bad Vilbel, some eight kilometres towards Frankfurt, and others in Frankfurt itself (there is mention of one there as early as 1788). Several are to be found in Biedenkopf and nearby Bad Laasphe and Marburg.

From elsewhere in Germany came other pastors to join the gene pool of the Engelbachs and the web of their relatives. On January 28, 1598, in Augsburg, Paster Johann Wegelin (Weiglin, Woglin) married Eva Christian Seutter; daughter of a pastor and "surintendant", and their son, Pastor Michael Wegelin, was born there in 1599; three other sons, Matthias, Josua and Georg, were also pastors, as was a brother of Johann Wegelin's, Thoma Wegelin, dean of theology at the University of Strasbourg in 1623-6, at least. On Febnrary 17, 1626 Pastor Michael Wegelin married a merchant's daughter, Regina Peffenhauser, at Augsburg-St-Anna.

II--Alsace and the County of Hanau-Lichtenberg

The scene then moves southward in the 1620's to Lower Alsace, at the time a largely Lutheran area, where Michael Wegelin, after studying briefly in Tübingen, studied and was ordained for the pastorate in 1625 at Buchsweiler (Bouxwiller)., later destined to be preeminent in the history of the Alsatian Engelbachs. He remained there as deacon till 1627, then moving across the Rhine to Kork (part of the same scattered feudal unit of Hanau-Lichtenberg) as pastor; he probably died there about 1636. His wife died in 1663 at an irnportant village and " bailliage" capital near Bouxwiller, Pfaffenhofen, where a daughter Eva Regina had married the local pastor Jacob Keller in 1652. (To illustrate the web of sacerdotal relationships, one can mention that their daughter married a Pastor Johann Jacob König, himself the son and grandson of pastors, and that the couple's pastor son married Christine Salome Engelbach, sister of two Engelbach pastors-- including the ancestor of our English line--and aunt of Goethe's friend, of whom more later.)

Bouxwiller or Buchsweiler, first mentioned in 734 as Puxuvillare, was from the 13th century the site of a manor of the Lords of Lichtenberg whose ruined castle still remains a few kilometres to the west, on a hilltop of the Vosges. After the death of Jacques II of Lichtenberg in 1480, the county was inherited through Philippe I by the Hanau-Babenhausen line, Babenhausen being a town not far from Hanau, mentioned above. At the beginning of the 16th century the town suffered in the peasants' revolt, and the whole district was devastated in the earlier part of the Thirty Years' War, with heavy depopulation. In 1630-33 the fortifications of the town, which had suffered during the period, were extensively repaired, and some time before 1634, the Count of Hanau-Lichtenberg placed his territories under French protection and obtained a French garrison, even though Alsace was still at least nominally part of the Holy Roman Empire. This did not prevent Bouxwiller being pillaged in May 1638 by Croats, presumably Imperial mercenaries. By the Treaty of Westphalia which ended the war, France in practice annnexed Alsace, which it had by then occupied, although most of it still remained technically in the Empire, and most of the rights of the German princes holding lands in Alsace, including the Counts of Hanau-Lichtenberg were to be preserved under the Treaty.

The Counts normally resided at Bouxwiller, (it is not clear how much time they spent on their German territory to the north), and although their lands were scattered in enclaves, or surrounding other lords' enclaves, in a confused patchwork extending over much of the Alsatian plain west and northwest of Strasbourg, they were regarded as one of the most powerful ruling families of lower Alsace. The county had nine (later more) 'bailliages" or, in German, "Ämter", administrative groupings of villages, and the most important was that of Bouxwiller itself, including no less than 26 villages; its importance was increased by its position on the main road from Strasbourg to Metz. There were also bailliages just across the river from Strasbourg, including Kork where Pastor Michael Wegelin, mentioned in the preceding section, had been based for a time.

Power was in practice shared with the French intendant of the province, but the Count, like his peers in other local territories, had many judicial and financial powers; and he was also head of the (Lutheran) church in his county, with a Consistory of ecclesiastical and lay officials meeting at Bouxwiller, and - important for our story - power, it would seem, to appoint pastors throughout his territory. The genealogical web of Engelbachs and other pastors, most of them related to one mother, and sons or fathers of other pastors or lay officials of comparable importance, implies that there was virtually a kind of state pastoral service in the county, with pastors moving from locality to locality, but always within the county, during their career., and probably favoritism in promotion for members of important local families.

The move of this branch of Engelbachs to Alsace came in 1649, in the form of Georg Engelbach's inscription at the University of Strasbourg already known as a centre of conservative Lutheran learning, where he studied in the faculty of philosophy under one Melchior Sebizius, rector. On October 30, 1655 came the first definite Engelbach connexion with Bouxwiller, when he married there Margaretha Wegelin, daughter of Pastor Michael Wegelin of Kork, originally from Augsburg as mentioned above. In the same year he became pastor at Ernolsheim, a small Hanau-Lichtenberg village some 15 kilometres west-south-west of Bouxwiller, where the Lutheran church, with a very old tower, is still to be seen. In 1666 he took over the pastorate at Neuwiller, seven kilometres west of Bouxwiller, where he remained till his death in 1678. There too the Lutheran church, St. Adelphe's, is to be seen--a bare, transitional Romanesque-Gothic structure without a choir, and with so few books or other fiunishings that its congregation is perhaps on the verge of disappearing, in contrast with the neighboring Catholic church of St Pierre et St Paul, with unusual superimposed chapels, music, and tapestries commissioned by a 15th century Count Philip III of Hanau-Lichtenberg.

When the first EngeIbach arrived in Alsace in 1699, the Bouxwiller area was still in a sorry state. A local register in that year said that "for want of seed and horses, the whole domain is deserted and empty, with no more accounts to be made, for there is no longer anyone in the villages, nor any cattle, there is no grain coming in, the villages are abandoned, there is no longer a soul at Hattmatt, Zobersdorf, Uttwiller, Obernodern, Griesbach..." (Georges Livet, L 'Intendtance d'Alsace sous Louis XIV1648-1715, Paris 1956, p. 536). Recovery and repopulation followed, but by the time of Gcorg's death in October 1678 the period of peace and prosperity in Alsace which had followed the Treaty of Westphalia was over, and the area was caught up in the war of 1672-78 between France and the Netherlands, with which the Hapsburg Emperor eventually became allied. The fortifications of Bouxwiller were tightly guarded in 1674 because of apprehensions arising from this war (probably Turenne's winter campaign of that year). In January 1677 the dowager princess of Hanau-Lichtenberg implored Louis XIV to have pity on her and her five orphaned children, pointing out the services she had rendered to the incoming troops, the contributions she had paid and the damage suffered in her lands. The King ordered that her territory be spared against the threat of a local general, Montclar, to raze Bouxwiller. Nevertheless in 1677-78, when hard fighting occurred in Alsace between Louis XIV's forces and those of the Duke of Lorraine and the Imperial armies, it was damaged; in March 1678 the French commander, Marshal Franois Créquy "pilla la ville, vida les caves, les granges, fit sauter en partie les murailles et le château..." Thus it was that Georg's burial on October 3, 1678 took place at night, because "on craignait les excès des troupes françaises, 'fanatisch katholisch"'.

Shortly alter this, there is other evidence that the French intendants of Alsace began to respond to the Catholicising policies of Louis XIV which were not long afterwards to culminate in France proper, although not in Alsace, in the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The Catholics of Bouxwiller were given possession of one of the churches that they had lost when the area became Lutheran, and in 1682, elsewhere in the county, the intendant saw to it that the "simultaneum" was introduced, whereby if a minimum of seven Catholics were found to reside in a given parish, the Protestants had to yield up part possession of the local church - often with the Catholics obtaining the main altar and Protestants relegated to transepts, with portable altars. The author was told by a local pastor that if necessary, the French of that time brought in war veterans to ensure that the quota of seven Catholics was attained. The simultaneum still exists in a number of local churches, with such bizarre phenomena as separate Catholic and Protestant organs, and special permission having to be obtained for one to be used at a wedding of adherents of the other faith.

Georg and Margaretha Engelbach had four children, including Catherina, who married a "durckheimien" pastor in 1683, Maria Salome (1666-1684), and Georg Jacob, who was born perhaps in the late 1650's at Ernolsheim, studied law in Strasbourg in 1673, and became "receveur de bailli et fabrique" (Rentmeister?) at Westhoffen or Westhofen, another Hanau-Lichtenberg "bailliage" in an isolated enclave some 26 km due south of Bouxwiller. There on November 13, 1679 he married Maria Magdalena Moller, described as "fille de bailli et trompette" and elsewhere as "Tochter des Burgvogts zu Lichtenberg" (obviously yet another civil servant, "Burgvogt" meaning "chatelain" i.e. of the castle). We have no date for his death, but in 1692, according to his son’s biography, he was "Amt- und Kirchschaffner", as well as "Stadt- und Amtschreiber" in Westhoffen. The following, from Livet, p. 713, gives some idea of what these titles meant:

"Corps financiers, les Rgences (he is probably translating "Regierungen", of which Bouxwiller was one) comprennent une Chambre des comptes et divers organismes spécialisés, comme á Bouxwiller, la Rentkammer ou Chambre des recettes. Lui sont subordonnàes die Amtsschaffnei, intendance ou administration du bailliage, die Fruchtverwaltung, administration des grains, die Kirchschaffnei, intendance ou administration des villages" (or does he mean the churches?)

Another historian of the period, Froitzheim, says he was also Amtsschaffner in Wolfisheim, another smaller bailliage about three-quarters of the way from Westhoffen to Strasbourg. Later he apparently also became "conseiller fiscal linangien", the county of Linange-Westerbourg being a nearby territory which disputed the adjacent lordships of Oberbronn and Niederbronn with Hanau-Lichtenberg in the mid-17th century, but passed by inheritance to Count Johann-Reinhard (Jean René) of the latter in 1701. Westhoffen has a large bare 15th century Lutheran church, St. Martin’s.

Georg Jacob had another civil servant brother, Johann Michael Engelbach (1659-1723), Kammerassessor and afterwards Rentmeister of the Palatinate Birkenfeld principality. He married an Anna Maria Long or Lange, from a family of pastors stretching back into the sixteenth century. He was the progenitor of a number of other Engelbach civil servants. Of particular importance is that one of these descendants, Friedrich August or Frédéric Auguste Engelbach (1772-1826), a Strasbourg lawyer born in Bouxwiller, is the ancestor of the present-day "French branch" of the Engelbach family.

Pastor Johann Jacob Engelbach, one of Georg Jacob’s three sons, was born in Westhoffen in 1692, went to the Gymnasium (grammar school) of Bouxwiller and then studied at the University of Strasbourg; in 1717 he received a master’s degree from Jena ("pietist"? asks a modern researcher suspiciously), was examined at Hanau, and ordained in the same year at Bouxwiller. Pastorates at Allenwiller (a dependency of Westhoffen) and Eckartsweier (in Hanau-Lichtenberg territory across the Rhine, and south of Kork) followed. From 1721 he was second pastor of Bouxwiller, and from 1736 till he died of a neck abcess on March 31 1737, he was first pastor and subsequently Inspector of all pastors and schoolteachers of the County--evidently a signal honour. Various other details about him are recorded, including the fact that he received a special fee for teaching oriental languages.

On May 6, 1721 Johann Jacob married Johanna Catherina Sophie Rischke, born in 1702 at the small village of Harnekop (140 inhabitants in 1910) in the Duchy of Brandenburg, i.e. Prussia, about 4 km from the small town of Wriezen on the "Old Oder" River. She was the daughter of Sebastien Rischke, a "bailli" (inevitably?) and his wife Anna Catharina Elisabeth Michaelis; her younger brother Christian Ludwig became a teacher and theologian at the Bouxwiller Gymnasium, after studying at Strasbourg. Johann Jacob and his wife had no less than ten children, including four daughters who married pastors or other church officials, a son who was a "pâtissier" at the court of Bouxwiller (and true to form, married the daughter of the local "conseiller fiscal"), and another who died at the age of 25 as a "laquais". The son who concerns us, another Johann Jacob, is discussed below. Johann Jacob the elder's widow received what sounds like an adequate pension and died at Bouxwiller in 1773.

Pastor Johann Jacob Engelbach had two brothers: Pastor Georg Jacob Engelbach (b. 1682 at Westhoffen, married Maria Sybilla Michaelis, no doubt a relative of the Michaelis mentioned above, became pastor at Auenheim, a Hanau-Lichtenberg village just across the Rhine from Strasbourg, and then at Obermodern 6 km from Bouxwiller till he died in 1711); and Johann Konrad Engelbach, Kammerrat ("conseiller") of Bouxwiller, who was the father of Goethe's friend (see below); and two sisters, one who married a Regierungsrat (government adviser) in Bouxwiller, and the other who married a Pastor König, son of another local pastor and father of a municipal official; their problems during the War of the Spanish Succession are mentioned below. Johann Jacob and Johann Konrad both had pietist convictions, as indicated in the family genealogy.

III - Hanau-Lichtenberg to Hesse-Darmstadt

In the 1680's the County of Hanau-Lichtenberg, which had already suffered during the Dutch wars as we have seen, was exposed to the weaknesses of a regency and the minority of its ruler, the young Johann Reinhard, and there seem already to have been plans to have the territory pass to the important Landgraf of Hesse-Kassel in Germany. Meanwhile French control was gradually being reinforced in practice, and on 13 February 1698 we read of the peace of Ryswick being celebrated at Bouxwiller by a solemn service in the two churches, garlands of greenery in the form of the French royal coat of arms set up in front of the house of the "écoutète" Loyson (obviously French), and fireworks based on the words "Vive le Roy"- but, adds the local chronicler, without any real joy during any of the festivities. The September 1697 Treaty of Ryswick had ended the so-called War of the Grand Alliance or War of the League of Augsburg of 1689-1697 between France on the one hand and England, Spain, Holland and the Empire on the other; the war had seen the devastation of the Palatinate, including Heidelberg, and--of interest only to the author and his family--the capture of Port Royal, and thus of all Nova Scotio by an expedition from New England, but the peace more or less restored the status quo ante, including (for a few more years only) French possession of Nova Scotia.

In 1701 Count Johann Reinhard III, having attained his majority, obtained confirmation of his privileges from the French crown. French diplomats had mistakenly included his territory in a list of lands to be restored to the Empire, but he prudently decided not to try to avail himself of this. The letters patent which he received involved his relinquishment of certain rights, as indicated in Livet, pp. 822-3, but his hold on others was strengthened, including his control over the Lutheran church in his territory. "Les princes possessionnés, dôtés de biens importants en Alsace, continuent ainsi â former dans la noblesse une classe à part, d'un rang supérieur, tant par leurs revenus cue par les exemptions dont ils jouissent; l'intendant a intéret â les ménager le plus possible, la souveraineté du Roi etant reconnue de plein gré et devant entraîner l'adhésion des sujets."

The Hanau-Lichtenberg territories were nevertheless not spared from the next war between France and its neighbours, the War of the Spanish Succession, as family anecdotes confirm. In June 1704 the installation at Preuschdorf (bailliage of Wörth, 40 km north of Strasbourg) of Pastor Friedrich König whose wife Christina Salome was a sister of Pastors Johann Jacob and Georg Jacob Engelbach, was delayed by an invasion of Imperial troops, who sacked the village; Christina took refuge in Westhoffen where her parents lived, and gave birth there to a son, the next Johann Jacob. In 1706 Pastor König and his wife were at Pfaffenhofen, just east of Bouxwiller, when there was an "invasion des impériaux et badois, autel éloigné du choeur de l'église, remplacé par un autel consacré à Marie; König ne trouve nulle part on soutien pour défendre les droits de ses paroissiens." It is interesting to note that the non-French invaders are seen as more anti-Lutheran than the French rulers of Alsace.

Eventually peace returned to the area, and was not to be further disturbed until the French Revolution. At this time comes the next generation of Engelbachs, with the birth at Bouxwiller on March 21, 1722, of the first of Pastor Johann Jacob Engelbach's ten children, another Johann Jacob Engelbach; he seems to have lived there all his life, except for studies in theology and law from 1737 to 1746, and died there on June 29, 1770. He was a "conseiller fiscal" (whatever that may have meant) in Bouxwiller, as well as being the local spiritual leader of the pietist movement, an effort at religious renewal within the Lutheran church which was prominent in the later 17th century and the first half of the 18th. He married a Sophia Dorothea Ammann, daughter of a local official, and they had four children. Like other Engelbachs in Bouxwiller, he is likely to have worked in the Chancery building of the county, a picturesque structure built 1658-63 which is now the town hall. He was eventually dismissed from his position, as the Prince was turning against pietism as a Lutheran heresy.

This was the period of the reign of the previously mentioned Johann Reinhard III, last count of Hanau-Lichtenberg (1688-1736), who spent his childhood and much of his reign at Bouxwiller, and much embellished its chateau and garden. He also studied at the University of Strasbourg. Like other great families of Alsace, the counts had a palace in Strasbourg which is now the city hall. Johann Reinhard and his wife, Princess Dorothée Frédérique of Brandenburg-Ansbach, had an only daughter, Charlotte Christine, whose marriage to Ludwig VIII (1691-1748), Landgraf (Count) of Hesse-Darmstadt, led to Hanau-Lichtenberg passing unexpectedly on Johann Reinhard's death to Ludwig's son and heir, later Ludwig IX (1719-1790) when he attained his majority in 1741. In other words Bouxwiller now became part of a major German principality, although still under overall French control. In that year Ludwig and his new wife Henriette-Caroline, daughter of Count Palatine Christian III of Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld, made their entry into Bouxwiller, which became her favourite residence, and where she lived, mostly from November to May, 1741-50 and 1758-65. The "grosse Landgräfin", as she was known, became the centre of a literary and artistic circle until her death in 1774.

Underneath it all, the Engelbachs continued on their bureaucratic course in the increasingly prosperous town of Bouxwiller. The son of the already-mentioned Johann Jacob and Sophie Engelbach, Johann Reinhard Engelbach (1745-1815), was born there, married Louisa Charlotta Ehrmann, daughter of a Bouxwiller official, and became "Hochfürstlicher Rent- kammer Secretarius". This couple can speak to us directly through the two affectionate letters they wrote to their English grandson when they were in exile in Darmstadt in 1815 and 1818 (the texts are to be found under their entries in the genealogy).

Religious tensions were still present in the area; in 1747 a Pastor Georg Heinrich Lange (whose pastor son was later to marry a daughter of Johann Jacob Engelbach the "conseiller fiscal") asked his religious superiors, from his church at Gaudertheim in the bailliage of Brumath, how he should react to the intention of the French authorities to introduce the ''simultantum" at Gaudertheim for five Catholic families; what should he do when the "Römischen" claimed the choir of the church? The answer he received was that he should remain quiet and calm, and submit himself to the intendant.

IV - The Age of the Enlightenment and the Revolution

As the 18th century wore on we find Engelbachs no longer as pastors, perhaps because three eminent members of the family had been involved with the controversial doctrines of pietism, to the displeasure of the ruling Prince, but family members continued as senior civil servants within the Hanau-Lichtenberg regime right up to its end. Alongside them, bevies of their closely-related Lange, König and Petri cousins did serve as pastors as well as officials.

The Enlightenment began to influence elites in Strasbourg and spread thence into the countryside. One Engelbach-relevant sign of this was the literary salon established in Strasbourg about 1770 by an Engelbach cousin Margaretha Luise König, better known as Luise König, frequented by talented young men such as Goethe (who was studying law in Strasbourg), as well as his sister and the wife of the rising German author Johann Herder, and eventually the author himself. This was the time of the start of the celebrated Sturm und Drang literary movement, in which Goethe was a leader, and he even named a character "Lerse" in one of his plays of the period, Götz von Berlichingen, after a friend who was another Engelbach cousin, Franz Christian Lerse. Yet another of Goethe's friends and fellow students in Strasbourg as well as his academic coach there, was Johann Konrad Engelbach, from Westhoffen. Goethe took a celebrated ride with him and another friend to Bouxwiller in June 1770, and commemorated this excursion in his autobiographical Dichtung und Wahrheit (an extract is quoted under Johann Konrad's entry in the genealogy). Separately, historians tell us that England and Scotland were admired for their liberal traditions, and that some of the better-educated even studied English-- important to understand the surprisingly rapid integration of the "English immigrant", Gottlieb, into English life when he fled there after the Revolution.

We do not know whether the approach of the French Revolution was felt significantly in the scattered communities of the Hanau-Lichtenberg Grafschaft or County., although there was a complicated and perhaps widely resented web of heavy feudal dues (of which records exist) as elsewhere in France. However, the night of August 4 - 5, 1789, when the National Assembly in Paris voted the end of feudal rights, sealed the fate of Hanau-Lichtenberg. At the time of the Revolution according to an accounting of this prosperous little feudal unit made a few years later, in 1798, the territories west of the Rhine, i.e. under overall French sovereignty, comprised 12 bailliages, 7 towns, 4 "bourgs avec marchés", 138 villages, 114 mills and farms ("fermes", possibly tax units larger than individual peasant units of cultivation), and a total of 65,123 inhahitants. There were also three bailliages on the other side of the Rhine, under the authority of the Count but not of France; precise national frontiers did not matter quite so much then as they did later.

In the spring of 1790, as Revolutionary fever was spreading throughout France, the ruling Landgraf of Hesse visited Bouxwiller, bells were tolled in welcome, and the pastor husband of an Engelbach, Christian Heinrich Lange (see genealogy), participated in an address of loyalty to him by the "bourgeois" of the town. But by next year, 1791, the Hanau-Lichtenberg officials and their records had had to leave for Darmstadt, and by 1793 all traces of the old regime were erased. (But in 1802 the Landgraf got lands in Germany in compensation for what he had lost in Alsace). Accounts--all too familiar, unfortunately, to the modern reader--exist of revolutionary violence by the "sans-culottes" against reactionaries in Bouxwiller and elsewhere, and the genealogy shows that most members of the Engelbach family and other related people soon left. The departures at this time presumably included the young Gottlieb Ludwig Engelbach, who found his way to England and became the ancestor of the "English branch", and his parents, Johann Reinhard and Louisa (Ehrmann) Engelbach, who settled in Darmstadt. Gottlieb came there too at the end of his life. (There is still an Engelbach in Darmstadt, as well as others in nearby Pirmasens; the author does not know their descent). There were exceptions to the flight, of course; a cousin, Christian Friedrich Lange, became a pastor and teacher in Bouxwiller (1807- 1819), but this was already a post-Revolutionary era. Others found a new life in Strasbourg, and many remained there at least until the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. But that is another story.



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oo I. Amy Pearce, II. ... Inconnu


Engelbach, Alice Matilda, * Kennington St. Mark, London 06.02.1835


Engelbach, Amalia, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 25.10.1832, + Homburg 08.10.1905


oo Civil, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 27.11.1855 Adolph Beyschlag


Engelbach, Amalie, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 09.08.1864, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 12.01.1912


oo Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 12.09.1888 Friedrich Horstmann


Engelbach, Amanda, * 03.01.1973


Engelbach, Amanda, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 04.03.1848, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 10.04.1848


Engelbach, Amélie Pauline Louise, * Strasbourg 29.03.1807, + Strasbourg 24.07.1867
Appelée "Pauline".


oo Frédéric Michel


Engelbach, Amy Hunter, * Saint Barnabas, South Kennington, Londres 02.07.1853, getauft St. Barnabas, South Kennington, Londres 28.07.1853, + 29.11.1853


Engelbach, Andrew Alan, * 11.07.1979, + 11.07.1979


Engelbach, Andrew Reinhard, * Lambeth St. Mary, London 01.04.1834


Engelbach, Anna, * New York, USA 11.10.1896


oo Cyril Ashton


Engelbach, Anna Maria, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 21.07.1734, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 23.08.1734


Engelbach, Anna Maria, * Bischwiller, Alsace 17.09.1728
Descendance inconnue


Engelbach, Anna Maria Christina Eleonore


Engelbach, Anna Maria Philipina, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 28.03.1798


Engelbach, Anna Maria Philippina, * 1796, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 07.06.1836


oo Civil, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 27.05.1816 Johann Hauter


Engelbach, Anne Marie, + Strasbourg 1762


oo Strasbourg 09.12.1716 Elie Brackenhoffer


Engelbach, Annette, * Guebwiller, Alsace 13.12.1927


oo Guebwiller, Alsace 06.09.1954 Igor Popoff


Engelbach, Annette


Engelbach, Annie, * London 28.08.1856, + London 29.08.1856


Engelbach, Annie Howard, * 1866, + Quilmes, Buenos Aires 16.02.1942
"A wonderful person with a lively sense of fun despite a latterly painful existence" (Christoper Lovett, 1982). Came to Argentina 1891, took up residence in Quilmes 1895. "Being the possessor of a very good voice, she soon became well-known on the concert platform and in oratorio...Drifted naturally by reason of her strong character into the leadership of many community activities...Sincere christianity..." (obituary from former Buenos Aires "Standard")."


oo Lomas de Zamora, Argentine 28.12.1891 Alfred Lovett


Engelbach, Annie Louisa, * 20.08.1862, + 02.09.1864


Engelbach, Anouk, * Draguignan 14.01.1999


Engelbach, Anthony Gordon


oo Beatrice Colborne


Engelbach, Antoinette (Nany), * Le Havre 29.10.1901, + 1992


oo Le Havre 02.06.1930 Marcel Burdin


Engelbach, Antonin, * Trèves 10.08.1990


Engelbach, Antonio Alfred, * Kennington St. Mark, London 13.10.1841, + 1884


oo Elizabeth Christie


Engelbach, Archer, * New York, USA 1916, + New York, USA 1981


Engelbach, Arthur Harold, * UM 1861
"Wrote or edited "Anecdotes of Bench and Bar", "of Pulpit and Parish", and..."of the Theatre" 1913 - 15, according to British Library catalogue, which mentions the "Harold" in his name (family had only "H."). Also, apparently, edited The Surbiton Review, 1888. The theatre anecdotes, which MS has seen, are not great reading."


oo Lillian White


Engelbach, Augusta E., * New York, USA 01.12.1870, + Hempstead, New York 03.1953


Engelbach, Augusta Fanny Adèle, * Strasbourg 11.07.1811, + 1820


Engelbach, Augusta Sophia, * ? 10.06.1745, + ? 12.1747


Engelbach, Bastien, Etudiant (2002), * Clamart 08.05.1983


Engelbach, Benoît, * Paris 05.05.1971


Engelbach, Bernard Paul, Ingénieur retraité d'exploitation forestière, * Montrouge 15.12.1928


oo I. Paris 03.01.1953 Madeleine Jaccoux, II. Montgaillard 07.01.1981 Renée Carol


Engelbach, Bertha Louisa, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 28.05.1837


oo Civil, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 16.02.1864 Christian Dick


Engelbach, Carl, * Contwig, Pfalz, Bayern 1855


oo Evangelisch, Luenen, Westfalen, Preussen 23.05.1875 Caroline Dahlhaus


Engelbach, Carl Ludwig, * Annweiler, Pfalz, Bayern 12.12.1791
Matrikel Landshut:
"Carl Engelbach, aus Anweiler (Zweibrücken), jur., 4. 11. 1811"


Engelbach, Carl Ludwig, * UM 1797


oo Kusel, Pfalz, Bayern 02.02.1819 Catharina Dassio


Engelbach, Carolina, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 29.12.1862


oo Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 31.08.1889 Heinrich Schmidt


Engelbach, Carolina, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 11.05.1844


Engelbach, Carolina Friederica, * 29.10.1777, + 27.05.1779


Engelbach, Carolina Louisa Friederika, * 04.02.1788


Engelbach, Carolina Louisa Philippina, * 23.05.1785


Engelbach, Carolina Luisa, * Pirmasens, Pfalz, Bayern 10.1759


Engelbach, Caroline Fredericka, * ? 26.07.1803


Engelbach, Casandra Rose


Engelbach, Caspar, Maître d'école à Ziegenhain et pasteur à Heidelbach, * Dautphe (Biedenkopf), Hesse UM 1530, + Heidelbach (Alsfeld), Hesse UM 1568
Hütteroth, Oskar: Die althessischen Pfarrer der Reformationszeit, Bd. 1, Marburg 1953, Seite 72:
Engelbach, Caspar, aus Dautphe;
immatrikuliert in Marburg 1547 (laut Matrikelauszug der Universität);
Schulmeister in Ziegenhain 1558 - 1564;
Besoldung aus der Kirchenkasse jährlich 16 Gulden, daneben Naturalien;
Pfarrer in Heidelbach 1565 - 1568, gestorben vor 1569 (1.).
Verheiratet mit Anna Reinhart, bekam 1592 Witwengeld für 2 Jahre 10 Gulden 10 Albus (2.);
erhielt schon 1569 1 Taler, worüber ihr Bruder, Pfarrer Adrian Reinhart in Alsfeld, quittierte;
Kinder: Johannes, geboren Heidelbach (?) ca. 1565, immatrikuliert im Pädagogium Marburg 1579;
Pfarrer in Klein-Karben 1587, noch 1630 (3.).

1. 17a Vis. - Rech. Nr. 14 Quittung Bl. 40;
2. 22a 1 Pak. 8 "Stiftung....";
3. Diehl, Reformationsbuch, S. 277

Übernommen am 21. 1. 2001

Caspar Engelbach, * Dautphe (Chasparus Engelbach, Tautfeensis, 1547),
Theologie ab 1547, Pfarrer in Heidelbach bei Alsfeld


oo Anna Reinhart


Engelbach, Catharina, * Ernolsheim, Alsace


oo Bouxwiller, Alsace 30.11.1683 Johann Günthart


Engelbach, Catharina Sophia, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 25.06.1723


oo I. Ingwiller, Alsace 15.06.1741 Gottfried Petri, II. Georg Kleiner


Engelbach, Catherine, * 1914


Engelbach, Catherine, * Londres UM 1847, + UM 1882


Engelbach, Catherine Charlotte, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 08.06.1806


Engelbach, Catherine Evelyne France, Secrétaire trilingue (Hoechst à Lyon), * Colmar 29.11.1946, + Lausanne 05.03.1983


oo I. Guebwiller, Alsace 20.09.1969 Jean Erb, II. 15.08.1980 Gérald Berset


Engelbach, Céline, * 29.01.1980


Engelbach, Charles, * 03.04.1886, + 21.07.1886


Engelbach, Charles, * Tennessee 01.1866, + Brooklyn, New York, USA 30.12.1907


Engelbach, Charles Alexander Starr, * Royal Leamington Spa, England 29.01.1988


Engelbach, Charles Francis, * Saint Barnabas, South Kennington, Londres 23.02.1853, + Londres 27.03.1858


Engelbach, Charles H., * Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA 20.06.1869, + Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA 21.06.1911


oo UM 1905 Minnie H.


Engelbach, Charles Jules, Avocat, conseiller de Préfecture et rentier, * Strasbourg 21.07.1812, + Rothau, Alsace 14.08.1866
Matrikel Paris:
" Charles Jules Engelbach, * Straßburg, Jura"

Avocat, conseiller de la préfecture du Bas-Rhin à Strasbourg, secrétaire en chef de la mairie de Strasbourg en 1847, maire adjoint en 1848.
Républicain (Révolution de 1848).


oo Strasbourg 19.02.1850 Louise Steinheil


Engelbach, Charles Peter Graham, Engineer, businessman, * Newcastle-on-Tyne, England 27.12.1912, + 28.01.1986
"He worked on Fairey aircraft engines, and then had his own business in Warwickshire making machine tools."


oo London, St.-Martin-in-the-Fields 19.09.1936 Elinor Wheler


Engelbach, Charles Richard Fox, Ingénieur, * Kensington, London 1877, + 02.1943
"A combination of biographies (including an article by his granddaughter Flora Starr Wallis) says he went to school in Southport. At age 16, given 1000 pounds by his godfather, he startet in the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich and then served a 3-year apprenticeship with Armstrong, Whitworth in Newcastle-on-Tyne, eventually becoming an assistant manager for their Light Ornance Department at their Newcastle Works, afterwards being given charge of their shell and fuse works at Scotswood. He was offered but declined a professional singing career with d'Oyley Carte Opera Company. In 1900 Armstrong became involved in making the Rootes and Venables paraffin-engined car; he became general manager of their motor department which built the Wilson-Pilcher cars (1904 - 06), and then the long line of Armstrong-Whitworths up to 1914. He was one of the first to perceive the relevance of American production methods, but the directors turned down his proposal to mass-produce cars at 6000 a year. In 1914 he was called up to the RNVR as Lieutenant Commander but was then requested to take over the 4.7 howitzer dept. of the Coventry Ordnance Works; he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for this. In 1921 he was appointed as Board member and works director at the Austin Motor Company's major Longbridge Works by the banks, dissatisfied with Herbert Austin as administrator. He remained there till 1937, when his eyesight failed so that he had to be guided around the factory, and he was forced to retire. It is alleged that after his resignation, the men on the production line wrote on the walls at Longbridge: "Oh Lord, give us Engel Back!" In the 1930s, he also served on the Ministry committee responsible for shadow factory production (aircraft engines). A Freemason, a patron of the Boy Scouts, a stong supporter of the British Legion; recreations golf and yachting. He left 110,733 pounds gross
He was described as "a small, stout man with twinkling eyes behind spectacles with incredibly thick lenses. His personality was much larger than his stature; he was a renowned and witty after-dinner speaker, and would talk about engineering principles in a way guaranteed to make even an un-mechanically minded person laugh." According to the family, he joined Wolsey post WWI but refused their pressure on him to change his name because of post-war anti-German feeling. Reginald and Patrick Engelbach spent a week with him every summer before WWII, while his wife Florence would go to Le Touquet."


oo 04.10.1902 Florence Neumegen


Engelbach, Charles William, * 31.05.1810


oo I. Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne 20.04.1844 Maria Hunter, II. Allemagne 1852 Harriet Hunter


Engelbach, Charlotta Rosina, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 25.09.1726, getauft Evangelische Kirche, Bouxwiller


Engelbach, Charlotte, * 1846, + 1915


oo Henry Porter


Engelbach, Charlotte, * Ladenburg, Germany 24.03.1830, + Ladenburg, Germany 26.03.1830


Engelbach, Charlotte Friederike, * 02.02.1782, + 1818


Engelbach, Charlotte Harriet, * Kennington St. Mark, Londres 12.08.1835


Engelbach, Charlotte Harriet, * Londres 05.10.1799, + Darmstadt, Hesse 27.12.1865


oo Georg von Bechtold


Engelbach, Charlotte Juliane Luise, * Zweibrücken 10.03.1753


oo Homburg/Saar 15.02.1776 Ludwig Schmid


Engelbach, Charlotte Mathilde, * Ladenburg, Germany 17.05.1834


Engelbach, Chloe, * Castres 26.09.1984


Engelbach, Christian Friedrich, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 18.02.1824, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 27.08.1894


oo Contwig, Pfalz, Bayern Louisa Stutz


Engelbach, Christian Friedrich, Pâtissier à la Cour de Bouxwiller, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 08.04.1732, + NACH 1761


oo Bouxwiller, Alsace 06.04.1758 Euphrosina Ernst


Engelbach, Christian Karl, * Zweibrücken 29.01.1760


Engelbach, Christian Karl Casimir, Civil servant, * 03.07.1723, + 26.12.1763
"According to Yves Engelbach, he was "receveur du Prince Palatin de Birkenfeld" like his father and grandfather."
Descendance inconnue


oo 06.12.1762 Friderike Schuch


Engelbach, Christian Sully, * 24.04.1930, + 11.05.1930


Engelbach, Christina Salome, * Westhoffen, Alsace 1684
Ancêtres de Jean Reussner


oo Westhoffen, Alsace 1701 Friedrich König


Engelbach, Christina Susanna Louisa, * 14.05.1784


Engelbach, Christophe, Professeur de gym, * Jouarre 12.04.1955


oo Dominique Montaud


Engelbach, Christopher, * 12.08.1985


Engelbach, Clara Josephina, * 12.02.1880, getauft St. Mary of the Angel Catholic Church 1880


Engelbach, Claude, Scénographe, * Paris 11.08.1931
Claude Engelbach, * Paris 11. 8. 1931, fils de Jacques Engelbach, baccalauréat de philosophie, diplomé en 1956 de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs à Paris (E. N. S. A. D.),
atelier de peinture de Marcel Gromaire, atelier de scénographie avec Léon Gischia, J. L. Barrault, Félix Labisse, scénographe et plasticien, commissaire d'expositions, conseiller artistique au Ministère de la Culture jusqu'en 1993; Emplois successifs: scénographe au Théâtre Quotidien de Marseille; assistant à l'ORTF; scénographe et graphiste au Centre Dramatique National du Sud-Est à Aix-en-Provence; graphiste et animateur à la Maison de la Culture d'Amiens.
Enseignement: professeur de graphisme et de morphologie a l'Ecole des Beaux Arts d'Amiens; chargé de cours à l'Institut d'Etudes Théâtrales, Université de Paris III; chargé de cours à l'Institut d'Art, Université de Picardie Jules Verne.
Réalisations scénographiques: plasticien et scénographe, assure de 1961 à 1975 la scénographie de nombreuses créations contemporaines avec plusieurs metteurs en scène dont
R. Monod, A. Vitez, J. P. Miquel, P. Vial, M. Blüwal, A. Gatti:
Phèdre de Racine au Théâtre Quotidien de Marseille;
Antigone de Brecht à la Comédie Francaise;
Faust de Goethe et Electre de Sophocle, dans la mise en scène d'A. Vitez
Le Misantrope à la M.C.A. avec Michel Piccoli;
Faust de Goethe et le Pique Nique de Claretta de Kalisky avec A. Vitez.
Contribution personnelle à des expositions: Scénographes contemporains - Odéon Théâtre National; Quadriennale de scénographie - Prague; Le masque - Odéon Théâtre National; Scénographie - Centre Culturel La Charité Marseille; participation á la rétrospective sur l'oeuvre d'Antoine Vitez pour le festival d'Avignon.
L'ensemble de ses maquettes de théâtre a été déposé à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France, département Théâtre, en 1996

Telefon in Le Conquet: 01078 0033 2 98 89 11 64
Anschrift: 20 rue Georges Clémenceau, F-27217 Le Conquet, Finistère


oo Paris 07.01.1961 Danièle Beck


Engelbach, Clémence, * Paris 23.02.1973


oo Michael Gaiardo


Engelbach, Clémentine, * Colmar 06.11.1987


Engelbach, Cody


Engelbach, Corine, * Valence 21.12.1984
Baccalauréat 2002


Engelbach, Corinne, Intérimaire du spectacle, * Paris 31.05.1966


oo Paris 07.12.1996 Jean-Pascal Gillet


Engelbach, Corinne, Conseiller technique en sport, * Luxeuil 05.06.1957


oo Bernard Wicher


Engelbach, Cornelius (Neil), * 22.11.1925, + 08.04.1991


oo All Saints Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA UM 1945 Helen Ehrig


Engelbach, Cornelius Joseph, * Brooklyn, New York, USA 26.02.1898, + Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 28.12.1979


oo Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 01.04.1934 Catherine Fallon


Engelbach, Daniel, Gérant de portefeuille, * Denain 09.03.1899, + 21.03.1979


oo Paris 18.10.1926 Simone Frottier


Engelbach, David Charles Lewis, * 09.08.1936


oo 08.05.1971 Diana Kreyer


Engelbach, DeVere, * Olean, New York, USA 26.01.1910, + NYC, New York, USA 06.1983


oo Dorothy Strohm


Engelbach, DeVere Edwin


oo Nancy Nay


Engelbach, Dominique, * Lyon 26.09.1930, + Lyon 02.10.1930


Engelbach, Dorothea, * UM 1752


oo Evangelische und Militär Kirche, Pirmasens, Pfalz, Bayern 07.09.1772 Ludwig Weber


Engelbach, Dorothea Louisa, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 29.01.1725, getauft Evangelische Kirche, Bouxwiller, + Dossenheim 29.03.1804


oo Jacob Jung


Engelbach, Edith Mary, * Kennington St. Mark, London 29.06.1842


Engelbach, Edward, * 22.03.1881


oo ... Mary


Engelbach, Edward


Engelbach, Edward Codrington, Theatrical manager


oo I. Marion Seyd, II. Maude ?


Engelbach, Edward Jr., * Chicago, Illinois, USA 10.09.1859, + Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, USA 26.04.1951


oo New York, USA 06.07.1880 Emelia Kempf


Engelbach, Elisabeth, * 05.1882, + 22.08.1882
"St Mary of the Angel Records indicate she was buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Allegany but St. Bonaventure Cemetery lost most records in a fire that occurred in 1930.


Engelbach, Elisabeth Salome, * Krautwiller, Alsace 11.05.1755, + Darmstadt, Hesse 1796


oo Krautwiller, Alsace 05.05.1788 Ernst Kromayer


Engelbach, Eliza Witt, * 18.04.1812


Engelbach, Elizabeth Minerva, * 30.04.1930


oo All Saints Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 05.1956 Richard von Staden


Engelbach, Ellen, * Valley Stream, Long Island, New York, USA 26.02.1938


oo All Saints Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 04.04.1959 Edward Pankenier


Engelbach, Ellen Bechtold, * Kennington St. Mark, London 25.10.1840


Engelbach, Emeline, * Valence 31.05.1990


Engelbach, Emilia, * 03.06.1889, + 07.10.1890


Engelbach, Emily Henrietta, * Saint Barnabas, South Kennington, Londres 20.06.1854


oo Surbiton, Surrey 15.08.1876 Henry Cornish


Engelbach, Emily Hunter, * 18.05.1849, + 10.06.1849


Engelbach, Emma, * 24.12.1887, + 09.09.1888


Engelbach, Emma Pauline Clementine, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 03.03.1835, + Homburg 20.11.1908


oo Civil, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 22.05.1860 Philipp Feikert


Engelbach, Emmanuel, * Paris 17.06.1993


Engelbach, Enid, * Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA 24.05.1899, + 03.1993


oo Carl Townsend


Engelbach, Eric, Professeur de sciences, * Paris 19.07.1943


oo Paris 05.07.1969 Christiane Gihr


Engelbach, Ernest
"Died as a child."


Engelbach, Ernest C.
"Died unmarried."


Engelbach, Etienne, * Valence 08.07.1996


Engelbach, Eugen, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 02.09.1840


oo Kaiserslautern, Pfalz, Bayern 1868 Friederika Stutz


Engelbach, Euphrosina Dorothea, * ? 01.01.1747, + ? 24.06.1747


Engelbach, Evelyn


Engelbach, Evelyn


Engelbach, Ferdinand Friedrich, * 17.10.1831


Engelbach, Flora Caroline Starr, Pottering in the garden, * Wilmslow/Cheshire 27.09.1942


oo London, Queen's Chapel of the Savoy 25.09.1965 Douglas Wallis


Engelbach, Florence, * New Jersey, USA 09.1874, + Long Island, New York, USA 1956


oo Brooklyn, New York, USA 15.09.1896 James Keeley


Engelbach, Florence


Engelbach, Florence Margaret, * 14.11.1857, getauft Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey 11.12.1857, + 16.08.1858


Engelbach, Frances T., * Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York 31.03.1873, + NACH 1948


oo ... Frey


Engelbach, Frances T.


oo St. Mary of the Angel Catholic Church, Olean 01.07.1891 August Frey


Engelbach, Francine, * Montmorency 20.03.1936
Vom 6. - 8. 9. 2002 war ich Gast in Strasbourg von Micha und Francine Andreieff, die mich in Guebwiller bei der Beerdigung von Jean Finiels am 4. 9. liebenswürdigerweise spontan einlud. Es war ein sehr angenehmer Aufenthalt. Danke.


oo Paris 02.06.1962 Michel Andreieff


Engelbach, Francis Augustus, * 13.06.1808


Engelbach, Francis Reginald, Veterinarian, * 1859


Engelbach, Francois Yves, Directeur commercial, * Guebwiller, Alsace 01.05.1923
Directeur commercial des filatures et tissages BOURCART; Guebwiller/Alsace


oo Paris 26.07.1949 Aline Lecante


Engelbach, Frank, * Chicago, Illinois, USA 07.1869, + 1870


Engelbach, Frank, * 27.05.1890, + USA 1974


Engelbach, Frank, * 12.10.1882, + 17.09.1883


Engelbach, Franz Christian, * Bouxwiller/Alsace 09.05.1779, + ? 08.04.1817


Engelbach, Franz Karl, * Zweibrücken 17.07.1771


Engelbach, Franz Philipp, * 21.09.1792, + 17.02.1793


Engelbach, Franz Philipp Christian, Amtsschreiber à Homburg/Saar, * Zweibrücken 27.01.1758
Die Zweibrücker Matrikel...
"1766 d. 21 Mart. quum publica Gymnasii Lustratio perageretur, recepti sunt in IV:
Franciscus Phil. Christ. Engelbach, nat. Bip. d. 27 Jan. 1758 patre Consiliario"

Matrikel Giessen:
"Engelbach, Franciscus Philippus, Bipontinus 26. 4. 1775"

"Oberamtsaccessist in Zweibrücken vor 1782,
Amtsschreiber in Homburg/Saar 1782 - 1784,
Syndicus in Annweiler 1788,
Sekretär am Appellationsgericht München 1811"


oo Annweiler, Pfalz, Bayern 10.07.1783 Maria Aulbeer


Engelbach, Franz Philipp Friedrich, * Zweibrücken 1782, + Zweibrücken 04.01.1783


Engelbach, Frédéric, * Mulhouse 12.09.1955


oo 15.05.1982 Martine Thibault


Engelbach, Frederick George, Médecin, * 1865, + Nooitgedacht, South Africa 13.12.1900


oo Marianne Wrench


Engelbach, Frederick John, * 19.04.1836


Engelbach, Frederick William, * 23.01.1988


Engelbach, Friderica Johannetta, * Annweiler, Pfalz, Bayern 05.02.1789, + 1872


Engelbach, Friederike, * Ladenburg, Germany 1842, + Ladenburg, Germany 1843


Engelbach, Friederike, * Ladenburg, Germany 02.05.1829, + Ladenburg, Germany 05.05.1830


Engelbach, Friedrich, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 09.04.1827, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 10.11.1892


oo Civil, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 20.10.1853 Juliana Raeb


Engelbach, Friedrich August, Avocat et avoué à Strasbourg, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 15.04.1772, + Strasbourg 04.03.1826
Matrikel Erlangen:
"Friedrich August Engelbach, * Buchsweiler, Elsaß, Jura
(Engelbach, F. A., j., 18 1/2, Buchsweiler, IV. 27. 1791)"

Matrikel Giessen:
"Friedrich August Engelbach (d. R. G. B.), aus Buchsweiler im Elsaß,
S. d. Konsistorialraths, 25. 10. 1793"

"Known as Frédéric Auguste by the the French branch, of whom he is (?) the common ancestor. According to Volker Engelbach, enrolled in law at Erlangen University 27.
4. 1791, and at Gießen (in theology?) 25. 10. 1793."

Etudes à l'université de Göttingen à partir de ?


oo Strasbourg 23.04.1803 Catherine Hennenberg


Engelbach, Friedrich Ernst, * Kaiserslautern, Pfalz, Bayern 02.1871


Engelbach, Friedrich Ernst, * Pirmasens, Pfalz, Bayern 08.1762


oo 06.07.1880 Marie Kempff


Engelbach, Friedrich Eugen Robert, Arzt/Médecin, + Homburg 27.11.1896

Promotion in Freiburg:
Dr. Robert Engelbach, (...), aus Homburg/Saar;
Ein Beitrag zur Differentialdiagnose pleuritischer Exsudate und Neubildungen der Pleura..., Freiburg i. B. 1891


oo Homburg 18.06.1894 Friederike Höh


Engelbach, Friedrich Franz Carl, * 1763, + 1764


Engelbach, Friedrich Jacob, Apotheker/Pharmacien/Pharmacist in Ladenburg, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 04.04.1802, + Ladenburg, Baden, Germany 27.06.1847


oo Neustadt an der Weinstraße 25.04.1828 Dorothea Maucher


Engelbach, Friedrich Karl, Receveur royal, * Zweibrücken 30.10.1768, getauft Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 22.06.1835, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 20.06.1835
Suchbuch für die Marburger Universitätsmatrikel von 1653 - 1830, Darmstadt 1927, S. 78:
"Engelbach, Fridericus Carolus, Bipontinus (originaire de Deux-Ponts), 25. 4. 1786
(date d'inscription à l'université de Marburg)"

Stuck, Kurt:
"königlicher Steuereinnehmer,
1792 Bauschreiber am Hofe der Fürsten zu Zweibrücken auf Schloß Karlsberg,
Kirchenvorsteher in Homburg"

Katholisches Kirchenbuch, S. 93:
"Engelbach, Friedrich, Bauschreiber bei Hof auf dem Carlsberg"

Frédéric Charles (*1768 +1835) fut conseiller d'Etat du tsar de Russie.

Friedrich Karl Engelbach, * Zweibrücken
(Frideric.Carol. Engelbach, Bipontinus, 25. 4. 1786);
später Berater des Zaren von Rußland in Sankt
Petersburg, nach einer Quelle auch russischer
Außenminister; Träger des Ordens der französischen
Ehrenlegion (Légion d'Honneur) mit Verleihung des
Adelsprädikates (Frédéric Charles d'Engelbach)


oo Katholisch, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern UM 1805 Catharina Bietz


Engelbach, G. Ludwig
Matrikel Giessen:
"G. Ludwig Engelbach, aus Buchsweiler, theol. stud., S. d. Rath E., gegenw. in Darmstadt 21. 10. 1793"


Engelbach, Gael Sébastien, Cadre commercial, * Guebwiller, Alsace 04.07.1975


oo La Croix Valmer 05.10.2002 Jessica NN


Engelbach, Georg, Pasteur à Ernolsheim et Neuwiller, Alsace, * Büdesheim, Hesse 1631, + Neuwiller, Alsace 03.10.1678
Matrikel Straßburg:
"Georg Engelbach, * Büdesheim bei Friedberg, Philosophie
(Georgius Engelbachius, Büdesheimensis, Matr. stud. philosophiae, 27. 3. 1649)"

"imm. in Straßburg am 27. 3. 1649; 1655 - 66 Pfarrer in Ernolsheim, versah 1660 das Diakonat in Neuweiler II, 1666 - 78 In Neuweiler I."

"It was Georg who established the Engelbachs in Alsace, though we do not know why he made the move. Yves Engelbach of the the "French branch" said in 1934 that the seal with "pelican in her piety" (described in heraldic language as "Porte d'argent à un pélican avec sa piété dans son aire,le tout d'azur") was given to him as "receveur de M. le comte de Hanau-Lichtenberg" by order of Louis XIV , but Volker Engelbach says the German Engelbachs have the same seal. Georg was a student in Strasbourg from March 27th, 1649.
He was a pastor at Ernolsheim 1655-66, and Neuwiller 1666-78.
The Schildberg register says "enterrement fait la nuit, car on craignait les excès des troupes francaises "fanatisch katholisch". Alsace was overrun (and from then on more firmly retained) by the French during their 1673 - 78 war with the Empire and Holland."


oo Bouxwiller, Alsace (ms) 30.10.1655 Margarete Wegelin


Engelbach, Georg Friedrich Adolph, Königl. Liquidations-Geometer, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 24.06.1809, + Neustadt an der Weinstraße 20.02.1875


oo Römisch-Katholisch, Bernkastel, Rheinland, Preussen 02.04.1839 Angelica Caspary


Engelbach, Georg Hermann, * Kusel, Pfalz, Bayern 21.07.1849


Engelbach, Georg Jacob, Pasteur, * Westhoffen, Alsace 12.05.1682, + Obermodern, Alsace 07.08.1711
"Etudes à Wittenberg."

Matrikel Wittenberg:
"Georg Jacob Engelbachius, Westhov. Alsat., 5.1707. Med.,
Wittenberg imm. 13. 10. 1704, Mag. phil. 4.1705, Adj. d. phil. Fak. 21. 10. 1706 (gestr.)"

Dr. Georg Jakob Engelbach, * Westhofen, Elsaß 12. 5. 1682, + Obermodern, Elsaß 7. 8. 1711,
Studium in Wittenberg; Dissertationem moralem, De Damno Innocentibus in Bello Dato, Vitembergae (Wittenberg) 1705; Pfarrer in Auenheim, Elsaß 1708 - 1711

"Pasteur à Auenheim, Bade de 1708 à 1711, à Obermodern en 1711"


oo 1709 Maria Michaelis


Engelbach, Georg Jacob, Receveur ecclésiastique/greffier... à Westhoffen/Alsace, * Ernolsheim, Alsace, + Westhoffen, Alsace UM 1724
Matrikel Straßburg:
"Georg Jacob Engelbach, * Ernoltzheim, Elsaß, Jura
(Georgius Jacobus Engelbachius, Ernoltzheimensis Hanoicus, Matr. stud. iuridicae, 30. 8. 1673)"

"Receveur ecclésiastique et greffier des comtes de Hanau-Lichtenberg à Westhoffen"

"Amtsschaffner von Westhofen und Wolfisheim"

Georg Jacob hatte "1673 in Straßburg studiert".


oo Westhoffen, Alsace 13.11.1679 Maria Moller


Engelbach, Georg Jacob, Pasteur (Hanau-Lichtenberg), * Auenheim, Bade 24.10.1709, + Herrnhut, Saxe 12.11.1768
Matrikel Straßburg:
"Georg Jacob Engelbach, * Auenheim, Baden, Philosophie
(Georgius Jacobus Engelbachius, Auenheimensis Hanoicus, Matr. stud. philosophiae, 5. 7. 1725)"

Matrikel Jena:
"Georgius Jacobus Engelbach, Auenheimensis, 1. 10. 1726"

"Etudiant à Strasbourg 1725,
à Wittenberg 1727.
Pasteur à Ingwiller de 1734 à 1735,
à Wissembourg de 1735 à 1751,
à Gaugrehweiler.
Disciple des frères moraves (Zinzendorf)."

"Exiled for his pietism. Herrnhut was a village built by the pietist leader Nicolaus Zinzendorf, Count of Zinzendorf and Pottendorf, on a corner of his estate of Berthelsdorf, for refugee Moravian Brethren. It became a sort of capital for pietist missionaries."

Descendance inconnue


oo Catharina Mühlberger


Engelbach, Georg Jacob, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 23.02.1814


Engelbach, Georg Ludwig Casimir, Laquay à la Cour, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 07.11.1737, + ? 11.06.1761
"Fürstl. Hof Laquay,
Trauzeuge: Johann Jacob Engelbach, der Bruder"


oo Bouxwiller, Alsace 13.01.1761 Elisabetha Brust


Engelbach, George, * 06.11.1854, + 07.11.1854


Engelbach, George Frederick, * 07.02.1858
"Author of typed Engelbach family tree dated 29. 11. 1934 and initialled G.F.E. Called himself "Fred".
The British Library catalogue lists "The Religious Poems of L. Johnson: being a selection (by G. F. Engelbach)".


Engelbach, Gerald, * 1881, + 1929
"He wrote a note (Gerald's News") on J. J. Engelbach before 1911 after visiting Bouxwiller. He was living at 14 Elm Road, Camden Town, London in December 1911."


oo Muriel Rees


Engelbach, Geraldine


Engelbach, Gérard, Cadre de banque retraité/Poète, * Paris 23.02.1930


oo I. Paris 03.10.1960 Catherine Vignal, II. Mireille Brunet-Jailly


Engelbach, Gérard Robert, * Le Havre 09.04.1887, + Le Havre 29.06.1898


Engelbach, Gertrude M., + 1928
"Lived at Wallingford (Riverside). Known as "Gertie"."


oo Percy Cavell


Engelbach, Gottlieb, Secrétaire, plus tard conseiller, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 14.04.1711, + Zweibrücken 28.02.1774
Matrikel Tübingen:
"Gottlieb Engelbach, Buchsweiler 10. 10. 1730"

"Enrolled 10. 10. 1730 in Tübingen University."
"Konsistorialrat" ?

Shenstone gibt erste Frau Charlotta Margaretha Bäck und ihre beiden Kinder nicht an, ebenso nicht die Kinder mit der zweiten Frau Susanna Maria Körber. (ME 17. 8. 2005)

Stuck, Kurt: Verwaltungspersonal im Herzogtum Zweibrücken, 1993:
"1738 - 1750 Forstsekretär,
1755 - 1774 Forstrath,
1774 Kammerrath"


oo I. Herrstein, Oldenburg 11.12.1743 Susanna Körber, II. Charlotta Bäck


Engelbach, Gottlieb, Négociant à Francfort-sur-le-Mein, * Zweibrücken 29.03.1747
Stuck, Kurt:
"Kaufmann in Frankfurt"; in der Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt liegt ein von ihm mitverfasster und unterzeichneter Aufruf des Rates von 1792 gegen die von den französischen Revolutionstruppen der Freien Reichsstadt auferlegten Kontributionszahlungen von 2 Millionen Florins.


Engelbach, Gottlieb Louis


Engelbach, Gottlieb Ludwig, Officier britannique, auteur, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 29.09.1775, + Darmstadt, Hesse 01.06.1852
Matrikel Giessen:
"G(ottlieb) Ludwig Engelbach, aus Buchsweiler, theol. stud., Sohn d. Rath E.,
gegenw. in Darmstadt, 21. 10. 1793"


oo St. Stephen's Walbrook, Londres 26.09.1797 Harriet Trueman


Engelbach, Guillemmette Elisabeth, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 02.12.1834


oo Civil, Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 09.07.1812 George Schönsiegel


Engelbach, Gustave, Négociant au Havre, * Strasbourg 05.02.1852, + Le Havre 03.05.1910


oo Le Havre 25.05.1885 Jeanne Amphoux


Engelbach, Guy Henri, Agent commercial des potasses d'Alsace, * Guebwiller, Alsace 26.04.1922, + Lyon 01.09.1979


oo I. Guebwiller, Alsace 14.02.1946 Andrée-Madeleine Argaud, II. 15.07.1950 Ellen Boulitrop


Engelbach, Harriet Jane, * London ? 1845, + 1934


oo Percival Witherby


Engelbach, Hazel A.


Engelbach, Heinrich Wilhelm Christian, * Zweibrücken 29.08.1754


Engelbach, Helen Dorothy


Engelbach, Henri, Ingénieur civil des mines, * Strasbourg 23.02.1860, + Paris 17.03.1920


oo Le Havre 05.06.1891 Elisa Amphoux


Engelbach, Henrietta Carolina, * 05.08.1786


Engelbach, Henry


Engelbach, Henry Lewis, * 18.01.1834


Engelbach, Herbert Reinhard, * 1858
"Herbert lived then (..) as widower, with Gerald Engelbach's widow and daughters. Had been at Armstrong's Newcastle."


oo Charlotte Unknown


Engelbach, Hervé, Pharmacien-Biologiste, * Mulhouse 21.07.1957
Hervé est le propriétaire des Laboratoires Engelbach à Montrond-les-Bains.


oo Saint-Etienne 19.08.1989 Odile Antonelli


Engelbach, Howard


Engelbach, Howard C.


Engelbach, Jacob Eduard, Uhrmacher/Horloger/Watchmaker, * Ladenburg, Baden, Germany 21.04.1838, + Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 01.02.1912


oo UM 1858 Emma Beyer


Engelbach, Jacob Friedrich, * Pirmasens, Pfalz, Bayern 03.1761


Engelbach, Jacob Friedrich, * Ladenburg, Germany 28.04.1836


Engelbach, Jacqueline Louise, * 06.08.1975


Engelbach, Jacques, Artiste peintre, * Le Havre 21.07.1892, + Paris 19.04.1960
Jacques Engelbach, * Le Havre 21. 7. 1892, + Paris 19. 4. 1960, Maler und Buchillustrator.

"Jacques Engelbach naît au Havre. Au lycée de cette ville, il a pour condisciple Arthur Honegger. Avec d'autres amis ils se retrouvent dans l'équipe de football de la ville. Après la classe de philosophie, voulant être peintre, il s'inscrit à l'Académie de la Grande Chaumière á Paris où il demeure jusqu'en 1922. Marié il se fixe à Enghien-les-Bains, puis à Montmorency. Il participe à de nombreuses expositions collectives. S'il est fidèle au Salon d'automne notamment, il reste à l'écart des grands courants. Deux grandes expositions personnelles ont compté pour Jacques Engelbach: l'une à Strasbourg en juin 1938 et l'autre la même année à la Galerie Charpentier, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. La guerre était proche qui changera le cours de son engagement artistique. En 1940, la dureté des temps l'oblige à se replier avec sa famille en Auvergne, et à abandonner en partie la peinture. Rentré à Paris en 1945, il y travaillera et vivra jusqu'à sa mort en 1960.
Homme de culture, lecteur intempérant, il suit la vie intellectuelle de son temps, dans la mouvance
de la N.R.F. et du Vieux Colombier, Gide et Copeau. Ecclectique, il admire aussi bien l'oeuvre d'André Dunoyer de Segonzac que celles de Georges Braque ou Picasso.
Mais il reste un solitaire, un silencieux. Sensible à la lumière et aux mouvements du ciel, il aime la nature, les paysages, les horizons de la plaine et de la mer, la nostalgie des ports. Il est le témoin discret des grands départs. Attaché au rivage, il regarde partir Lord Jim et les derniers voiliers du
siècle auquel il appartient encore.
Il est de ceux qui donnent à l'aquarelle sa noblesse. Ce sont en effet l'aquarelle, le dessin, la gravure qui rendent le mieux les qualités de finesse et de sensibilité que la critique lui reconnaît.
A la demande des éditeurs, il illustre avec des gravures sur bois de nombreux livres de la collection Ferenczi, dont "Les choses voient" et "Le Ferment" d'E. Estaunie.
Sa technique, son écriture, comme on dit aujourd'hui, qui a l'accent de la modernité, le choix des moyens, traduisent la fluidité et la transparence d'un ciel avec ce qu'apporte l'eau-forte d'ombre et de sombre accent pour exprimer une vision qui, pour n'être pas de simple bonheur, touche à la mélancholie, celle des multiples personnages qui peuplent de leur silence ses carnets.
L'oeuvre est aujourd'hui dispersée."
Claude Engelbach, septembre 1990


oo Paris 06.08.1922 Marguerite Engelbach


Engelbach, James Eugene


oo 1973 Martha Gaab


Engelbach, James Henry, London police, * 1954


oo Westminster/London 05.06.1982 Sandra Molyneaux


Engelbach, Jean, Négociant, * Le Havre 09.02.1886, + St. Menehould (mpF) 27.09.1915
Mort au champ d'honneur (mpF 1915).


Engelbach, Jean Nicolas, Agent technico-commercial, * Mulhouse 06.12.1952


Engelbach, Jean Pierre, Directeur des Editions Théâtrales, * Paris 07.05.1944


oo I. Paris, Mairie du X. 19.05.1999 Michèle Bassereau, II. Marianne Hicter


Engelbach, Jean Reynard
Fondateur de la branche anglaise


Engelbach, Jeanine (Ninette), * Denain 29.04.1896, + 1950


oo Paris 07.10.1927 Robert Milsom


Engelbach, Jeanne, * Strasbourg 05.02.1856, + Strasbourg 13.12.1856


Engelbach, Joan, + 1977


Engelbach, Joan, * 1897


Engelbach, Joan, BBC (retired), * 31.05.1918, + London 06.12.2002


oo St. Michael's Chester Square, London 17.12.1946 Peter Wand-Tetley


Engelbach, Joan Vincentia


oo A. Jr.


Engelbach, Joanna, * 24.10.1983


Engelbach, Johann Conrad, Juriste; conseiller auprès de comte de Nassau-Sarrebruck, ami de Goethe, * Westhoffen, Alsace 1735, + Francfort-sur-Mein 23.07.1773
Matrikel Straßburg:
"Johann Conrad Engelbach, * Westhofen, Elsaß 1737, + Frankfurt 23. 7. 1773, Jura
(Joannes Cunradus Engelbach, Westhovensis Alsata, "Consiliarius Serenissimi Principis Saaraepontani", Matricula generalis 2. 5. 1770;
Matr. stud. fac. iuridicae 12. 5. 1770; Matr. cand. fac. iuridicae 9. 6. 1770"

Dissertatio inauguralis juridica de fidejussore quam sub auspiciis divinis,
Argentorati (Straßburg) 19. 6. 1770

"Engelbach war also bereits Rat des Fürsten von Nassau-Saarbrücken, als er sich in Straßburg immatrikulieren ließ, um rasch hintereinander sämtliche Prüfungen abzulegen. (...) Nach der "Specialordnung der Promotionen in der Straßburger juristischen Facultät" (hatte) jeder Kandidat sich vor Zulassung zur Promotion zwei Prüfungen zu unterziehen (...). Die erste bestand aus einer mündlichen Vorprüfung, der eine schriftliche Klausurarbeit über je einen dem Civil- und kanonischen Rechte entnommenen Text folgte.
In der zweiten Prüfung mußte der Kandidat jene Bearbeitung erklären und verteidigen.
Über Engelbachs Prüfungen enthalten die Akten der jur. Fakultät folgende Protokolle:
1770 9 Junii Dom. Engelbach et Goetz fiunt candati.
Praevia dispensatione a Dissert. praeliminari ad
Matriculam Candidatorum admissi sunt Dom.
Joannes Conradus Engelbach, (...)
1770 11 Junii Examen prius D. Engelbach. Examen
prius subiit Dom.
Engelbach, eoque egregie
superato resolvendos accepit textus:
L. Compensationes. ult. cod. de compensat.
C. Veniens 13 X de Sponsal. et Matrimon.
1770 13 Junii Examen posterius Dom.
Dom Engelbach Examen posterius mascule
superavit, et veniam obtinuit Dissertationem
inauguralem sine Praeside defendendi.
1770 19 Junii Dom. Engelbach disputatio pro
licentia. Dom. Engelbach Dissert. inaug. de
Fidejussore cum applausu Auditorii defendit.
1770 eadem die: Scriptum est Testimonium
Licentiae D. Engelbach.
Am 19. Juni 1770, der auf einen Dienstag fiel, hatte also Engelbach seine Studien in Straßburg abgeschlossen. Ende der Woche kehrte er nach Saarbrücken zurück - aber nicht allein, sondern zu Pferde von seinen Freunden Goethe und Weyland begleitet. Nicht Goethe war also der Gefeierte auf dieser Reise, sondern Engelbach, der in 9 Tagen sämtliche juristische Prüfungen glücklich bestanden hatte."
(Joh. Froitzheim, Zu Strassburgs Sturm- und Drangperiode 1770 - 1776, Strassburg 1888)

Die in den mir zugänglichen Goethe-Gesamtausgaben genannten Geburts- und Sterbedaten
(1744 - 1802) von Johann Conrad sind offenbar unrichtig. Diese gehören vermutlich zu einem mir bisher nicht bekannten Namensträger mit den Vornamen Moritz Joseph, angeblich geboren in Buchsweiler; Johann Conrad jedoch stammt aus Westhofen im Elsaß.
Barbara Dölemeyer nennt im "Biographischen Repertorium" ihres Buches "Frankfurter Juristen im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert" jene Daten, die sie in Frankfurter Quellen gefunden hat. Danach hat der in Westhofen im Elsaß geborene Johann Conrad Engelbach im Alter von 31 Jahren am 3. 1. 1766 in Frankfurt den Bürgereid abgelegt.
Als er sich vier Jahre später, am 12. 5. 1770, als stud. jur. in das Straßburger Matrikel eintrug, tat er dies als Hofrat in Diensten der Grafschaft Nassau-Saarbrücken mit Sitz in Frankfurt am Main. Dieser Tätigkeit kann er ohne eine juristische Ausbildung jedoch nicht nachgegangen sein.
Wo er seine juristischen Studien absolvierte, bleibt unklar.
Mit seinem Eintrag vom 9.
6. 1770 war er cand. jur. und legte am 13. 6. 1770 das Examen ab. Er beschloß sein Studium als lic. jur.
am 19. 6. 1770. Im Anschluß an seine Rückkehr nach Saarbrücken erscheint er wieder in Frankfurt, wo er als erster für diesen Jahrgang am 5. 1. 1771 im Verzeichnis der Frankfurter Advokaten eingetragen ist. Nach dem im Stadtarchiv Frankfurt vorhandenen Totenbuch ist er am 23. 7. 1773 verstorben; gemäß der dortigen Altersangabe (38 Jahre) ist das errechnete Geburtsjahr 1735.
Er war nur drei Jahre mit Sophia Dorothea, geb. Wenck, der Witwe des Johann Friedrich Fries, verheiratet.


oo Francfort-sur-Mein 22.08.1770 Sophia Wenck


Engelbach, Johann Conrad, Conseiller, * Westhoffen, Alsace UM 1698, + Oberbronn, Alsace 1758
Matrikel Jena:
"Jhn Conr. Engelbachius, Alsatus, 13. 5. 1715"

Dr. Johann Conrad Engelbach, * Westhofen, Elsaß 1700, + Oberbronn, Elsaß 1758;
Dissertatio continens semicenturiam thesium ex omni jure desumtarum, Argentorati (Straßburg) 1720, Advokat, Vorfahr von Ernst Reuter

"Conseiller à la chambre des finances du comté de Hanau-Lichtenberg à Bouxwiller,
conseiller à la chancellerie d'Oberbronn 1754.
Congédié sur l'intervention des Luthériens de Strasbourg à cause de ses idées favorables au piétisme morave. De juillet à décembre 1753, il est auprès du prince de Hohenlohe (grand juge de la chambre impériale de Wetzlar, voir: Strohl, H., Le protestantisme en Alsace, Strasbourg 1950, p. 240, 269 - 270). En 1730, il était receveur des comtes de Linange à Heidenheim."


oo Westhoffen, Alsace 29.10.1726 Sophia Aulber


Engelbach, Johann Friedrich, Konsistorialassessor, * Zweibrücken 12.07.1741
Stuck, Kurt:
"Konsistorialassessor in Hanau (-Lichtenberg?)"


Engelbach, Johann Friedrich, Archiviste à Bouxwiller/Alsace, * Bischwiller, Alsace 08.11.1730, + Strasbourg 01.09.1802
Matrikel Jena:
Frider. Engelbach, Alsatus, 26. 4. 1751"

"Etudiant à l'université d'Iéna de 1751 à 1753"

Nouv. Dict., Wolff:
"archiviste du Conseil de régence de Bouxwiller pour les princes de Hesse-Darmstadt et secrétaire du Consistoire"


oo I. Oberhoffen sur Moder, Alsace 12.12.1762 Johanetta Hessert, II. Bouxwiller, Alsace 18.07.1771 Elisabeth Messinger


Engelbach, Johann Friedrich Christian, * Zweibrücken 11.08.1751
Die Zweibrücker Matrikel...
"In III recepti sunt:
Frid. Christian. Engelbach, natus Bip. 1751 patre Consiliis rei forestariae."


Engelbach, Johann Georg, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 24.04.1804


Engelbach, Johann Jacob, Conseiller fiscal et président du Conseil de Régence à Bouxwiller, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 21.03.1722, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 29.06.1770
Matrikel Jena:
Jacobus Engelbach, Buxovillanus, 15. 4. 1739"

"Animateur spirituel du mouvement piétiste à Bouxwiller jusqu'en 1749; he was "Président du conseil de Régence" at Bouxwiller (a powerful position) until dismissed for his pietism in 1749, having previously been placed under a sort of house arrest. He had among other things been organising meetings among pastors who shared his convictions."

Carl Klein:
"Regierungsadvocat 1747 ff, 1764 Canzleiarchivarius, Cammerrat 1766 - 1770".


oo 1745 Sophia Ammann


Engelbach, Johann Jacob, * ? 24.10.1749, + ? 23.08.1752


Engelbach, Johann Jacob, Ecuyer et greffier adjoint à Friedberg/Hesse, * Klein-Karben, Hesse 1596, + Büdesheim, Hesse 28.12.1679
"Büdesheim seems to have been part of the small feudal county of Hanau; the town of that name is 15 km to the SE.
Wolff says he was "écuyer de G(raf) Guillaume de Carben, puis greffier-adjoint à Friedberg en Wetterau (Hesse)". His brother Konrad was a pastor in the same area."


oo Büdesheim, Hesse 03.06.1625 Catherine Kern


Engelbach, Johann Jacob, Pasteur, maître ès théologie, inspecteur ecclésiastique, * Westhoffen, Alsace 01.12.1692, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 31.03.1737
Matrikel Straßburg:
"Johannes Jacob Engelbach, * Westhofen, Elsaß, Philosophie
(Johannes Jacobus Engelbachius, Westhoviensis, Matr. stud. philosophiae, 26. 8. 1708)"

Matrikel Jena:
"Jhn Jacob Engelbach, Westhov. Hanoicus, 31. 3. 1714 (Mag. 23. 2. 1715, Matr. phil.

"Johann Jacob fit de nombreux voyages et études dans de différentes universités:
Strasbourg, Iéna, Hanau, il suivit des cours de logique, histoire, métaphysique,
théologie, philosophie, médecine. Il se fixa à Bouxwiller en 1721. Il eut dix enfants."


oo Mühlheim, Pfalz (ou Allenweiler?) 06.05.1721 Johanna Rischke


Engelbach, Johann Jacob, * ? 28.01.1759, + ? 13.04.1759


Engelbach, Johann Jacob Ludwig, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 1761, + Bouxwiller, Alsace ? 1766


Engelbach, Johann Karl, Avocat (interdit), * 17.06.1774, + 09.12.1839


Engelbach, Johann Michael, Receveur des revenus seigneuriaux à Bischwiller, Alsace, * Bischwiller, Alsace 23.11.1659, + Bischwiller, Alsace 23.12.1723
Marie-Joseph Bopp: Die evangelischen Geistlichen und Theologen im Elsaß von der Revolution bis zur Gegenwart, Neustadt 1959;
Archives municipales d'Augsbourg et de Bouxwiller

"Yves Engelbach (1934) said he was in the service of the Palatinate Prince of Birkenfeld as "Kammer-Assessor", then Rentmeister to the Prince (1690 - 1723).
He was given a crest by order of Louis XIV, described heraldically as "porte d'azur à un ange d'or ailé et vêtu de même et tenant dans chacune de ses mains étendues une tige de lis d'argent". An imprint of the seal exists, on one version Georg Engelbach's "pelican on her piety" crest appears over the helmet."


oo Bischwiller/Alsace 13.06.1690 Anne Lang


Engelbach, Johann Philipp, * 22.10.1721, + 25.10.1721


Engelbach, Johann Philipp, Receveur seigneurial des rentes, * Strasbourg 01.11.1697, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 21.03.1762
Etudes à l'université d'Iéna et à Strasbourg.
"Conseiller antique, receveur seigneurial pour les princes palatins de Birkenfeld à Bischwiller"

Matrikel Straßburg:
"Johannes Philipp Engelbach, * Bischweiler, Elsaß, Philosophie
(Johannes Philippus Engelbach, Episcopovillanus, Matr. stud. philosophiae, 30.
3. 1712)

Matrikel Jena:
"Jhn Philipp Engelbach, Episcopovill. Alsatus (!), 2. 4. 1714"

Stuck, Kurt:
"Kammerassessor in Bischweiler"


oo Bischwiller, Alsace 14.06.1720 Anna Simon


Engelbach, Johann Philipp, Juriste, * Zweibrücken 25.10.1744, + Kaiserslautern 28.09.1810
Die Zweibrücker Matrikel...
"Apr. 1753 in Cl. IV: Joh. Phil. Engelbach, natus Bip. 1744 patre a Consiliis rei forestariae."

"Regierungsadvocat in Zweibrücken 1770,
Amtsverweser in Homburg/Saar 1775,
Landschreiber und Marktkommissar in Zweibrücken 1776 - 1777,
Oberamtmann in Kusel 1784,
Landschreiber mit Bezeichnung Amtmann in Bergzabern 1784,
Amtmann in Meisenheim 1787 - 1793,
Advocatanwalt beim Tribunal 1. Instanz in Kaiserslautern 1810"


oo 20.04.1775 Maria König


Engelbach, Johann Philipp Daniel, Secrétaire à la Chambre à Deux-Ponts, * Bischwiller, Alsace 18.07.1727, + Zweibrücken 14.08.1791
Stuck, Kurt:
"1756 - 58 Kammerregistrator,
1766 - 73 Kammersekretär,
1775 - 84 Kammerrath" in Zweibrücken

Nouv. dict., Wolff:
(Bischwiller 18.
7. 1727, ? 1791). Frère de Chrétien Charles Casimir, épousa Philippine Helwig.
Conseiller de la chambre des finances à Deux-Ponts. Son fils Frédéric Charles (*1768 +1836) fut conseiller d'Etat du tsar de Russie.


oo Evangelisch-Reformierte, Winterbach, Pfalz, Bayern 27.12.1756 Philippine Hellwig


Engelbach, Johann Philipp Elias, Médecin, * Westhoffen/Alsace
Matrikel Jena:
"Jo. Phil. Elias Engelbach, Buxovilla-Alsatus, 18. 4. 1750; Dep. 18. 4. 1750: Johannes - - -"

Q.D.B.V. (= Quod Deus bene vertat)



















Engelbach, Johann Reinhard, Secrétaire à la Chambre/"Hochfürstlicher Rentkammer Secretarius", * Bouxwiller, Alsace 21.04.1748, + Darmstadt, Hesse 17.07.1815
"Rentcammer Secretarius 1771 - 1792 (seit 1779 Rat),
marié à Kurzenhausen, Alsace le 15. 10. 1772"


oo Kurzenhausen (Bouxwiller), Alsace 15.10.1772 Louisa Ehrmann


Engelbach, Johannes, Maître d'école et pasteur à Klein-Karben, Hesse, * Heidelbach (Alsfeld), Hesse UM 1564, + Klein-Karben, Hesse 1635
Hütteroth, Oskar: Die althessischen Pfarrer der Reformationszeit, Bd. 1, Marburg 1953, Seite 72:
"Engelbach, Johannes, geboren in Heidelbach (?) ca. 1565,
immatrikuliert im Pädagogium Marburg 1579 (laut Matrikel der Universität);
Pfarrer in Klein-Karben 1587, noch 1630 (3.)."

3. Diehl, Reformationsbuch, S. 277

Johannes Engelbach war als Pfarrer in Klein-Karben Verfasser von Leichenpredigten
(Quelle: Forschungsstelle für Personalschriften an der Philipps-Universität Marburg):
1. Peter Windecker, gestorben 1592;
2. Dorothea Agatha Cervinus, gestorben 1607.


oo ... Unbekannt


Engelbach, John, * Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA 17.12.1871, + El Cerrito, Contra Costa County, California 11.08.1948


oo VOR 1896 Lena Weber


Engelbach, John, * 01.01.1895


Engelbach, John Alfred, Major, Queen's Reg. rtd, * St. Marylebone, Westminster, London 30.03.1898, + St. Mary's Hospital, Westminster, London 16.10.1978
"Died of TB."


oo Registry Office, St. Martin, London 22.04.1925 Idenia Stead


Engelbach, John Reinhard, Civil servant, * Londres ? 17.02.1798


oo Londres 11.09.1832 Charlotte Lodge


Engelbach, John Walter, * 16.07.1860, + 28.10.1867


Engelbach, Jules, Industriel à Rothau, * Strasbourg 02.12.1850, + Rothau/Alsace 21.01.1927
Jules Engelbach, * Straßburg 2. 10. 1850, + Rothau, Elsaß, 27. 1. 1927,
Industrieller in Rothau und Maler

Sans alliance.


Engelbach, Jules Auguste, * Strasbourg 24.10.1805, + Strasbourg 07.10.1809


Engelbach, Julia Maria, * London ? 14.01.1814


oo ? Hofmann


Engelbach, Julia Römke, * Vauxhall/London 1839


Engelbach, Julie Fanny, * Strasbourg 04.12.1809, getauft Strasbourg 05.12.1809, + ? 05.05.1813


Engelbach, Juliette, Employée de banque, * Paris 06.10.1972


Engelbach, Julius, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 31.03.1839, + Homburg 24.05.1914


Engelbach, Julius, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 15.02.1868


Engelbach, Justin Alan


Engelbach, Karl, * Zweibrücken 01.11.1779


Engelbach, Karl Ludwig, * Zweibrücken 30.11.1748, + 1760


Engelbach, Karl Ludwig, * Zweibrücken 16.06.1760


Engelbach, Karl Philipp, * 11.04.1779


Engelbach, Karolina Philippina Luisa, * 1782, + Meisenheim, Rheinland, Preußen 21.12.1787


Engelbach, Karoline Katharina, * 18.01.1725
Descendance inconnue


oo 04.06.1743 Johann Barth


Engelbach, Karoline Katharina, * Zweibrücken 05.12.1769


Engelbach, Karoline Luise, * Zweibrücken 04.03.1773


Engelbach, Karoline Philippine Friederike S., * Meisenheim, Rheinland, Preussen 15.04.1787


Engelbach, Katherine, * South Carolina 21.04.1861, + 263 W 125 St., NYC, New York, USA 05.1882


Engelbach, Ketty, * Guebwiller, Alsace 03.04.1979


Engelbach, Kirk Edward


oo Kimberly Lynch


Engelbach, Kirk Edward


Engelbach, Konrad, Pasteur à Gross-Karben et al., * Klein-Karben, Hesse UM 1600, + Nieder-Wöllstadt, Hesse 1666
1624-34 Pastor in Gross-Karben,
1634-36 Heldenbergen,
1636-40 Diakon in Büdingen,
1641 Gross-Karben,
1641-58 Klein-Karben.
1658-61 Kronberg,
1661-66 Wöllstadt

Konrad Engelbach war als Diakon in Hatzfeld Verfasser von Leichenpredigten
(Quelle: Forschungsstelle für Personalschriften an der Philipps-Universität Marburg):1. Heinrich Ludwig von Hatzfeld, gestorben 1636;
2. Johann Wilhelm von Hatzfeld, gestorben 1636;
3. Heinrich Leo von Hatzfeld, gestorben 1636;
4. Philipp Georg von Hatzfeld, gestorben 1636;
5. Johann Bernhard von Hatzfeld, gestorben 1636;
6. Konrad Daniel von Hatzfeld, gestorben 1636.

"They are all in Hesse, not far from one another and from Frankfurt and Hanau."


Engelbach, Kristofor Allen


Engelbach, Laksmi, * 21.03.1997


Engelbach, Laura Pearl


oo ... Inconnu


Engelbach, Lewis


Engelbach, Lewis Edward, Banker, Coutts Bank, * 14.02.1807


oo Kennington St. Mark, London 12.10.1831 Mary Tattam


Engelbach, Lewis William, Civil servant, * Vauxhall, London 13.11.1837, getauft St. Mark, Kennington, London, England 03.01.1838, + Menton, France 16.03.1908
"Enterré à Menton."
"He was educated at Christ`s Hospital, London, from 1845, and then - significantly - the Darmstadt Gymnasium (in the city where his grandfather Gottlieb died in 1852, and where his von Bechtold cousins and his aunt Charlotte lived). He entered the War Office 1854; was Deputy Receiver-General for the Duchy of Lancaster 1861 - 76; a principal clerk, War Office1878 - 88; awarded C. B. 1885; Assistant Accountant-General 1888 - 90; Commissioner of Customs 1890 99. (...) Lived in 1881 at 19 Pembroke Gardens, Kensington, with wife, two youngest children, his aunt Eliza Engelbach, a cook, housemaid and nurse, and from 1883 in Richmond. Michael Shenstone has his silver tea and coffee set hallmarked 1879, with the Engelbach crest. His daughter Mildred described him and his wife as "both dears". There are various photos of him and his wife and children, and one of him in a resplendent uniform (as Commissioner of Customs ?)."


oo 1861 Jessie Bryan


Engelbach, Louis, * Paris 23.01.1993


Engelbach, Louis Christian, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 02.09.1807


Engelbach, Louisa Marion, * London ? 1832, + 1870


oo William Benham


Engelbach, Louisa Mary, * ? 24.11.1802, + ? 1806


Engelbach, Louisa Wilhelmina, * Kennington St. Mark, London 19.07.1837


Engelbach, Louise, * 17.09.1775, + 01.04.1776


Engelbach, Louise Friederika, * ? 20.01.1753, + Darmstadt/Hesse 1811


Engelbach, Louise Katharina, * UM 1807


oo Evangelisch, Kusel, Pfalz, Bayern 08.02.1827 Johann Emerich


Engelbach, Lucas, * Toulouse 04.04.1991


Engelbach, Ludwig, * Bernkastel, Pfalz, Bayern 18.12.1842, eingesegnet Evangelisch-lutherische Kirche in Germersheim, Pfalz 1856


Engelbach, Ludwig Karl, * 16.09.1781, + 04.04.1782


Engelbach, Luise Augusta Dorothea, * Ladenburg, Germany 18.04.1833


oo Neustadt, Neckarkreis, Germany 28.05.1851 Karl Dreher


Engelbach, Magali, Institutrice, * Remiremont 26.06.1960


oo Fregirolles 02.10.1996 Philippe Brosset


Engelbach, Malia Ann, Student


Engelbach, Margaret I., * UM 1852


oo Edward Brocker


Engelbach, Margaretha Elisabetha, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 09.04.1730, getauft Evangelische Kirche, Bouxwiller 09.04.1730, + 17.03.1809


oo Reitwiller, Alsace 09.04.1750 Christian Lange


Engelbach, Margaretha Salome, * Bischwiller, Alsace 09.02.1733


Engelbach, Margot, * Toulouse 07.05.1983


Engelbach, Marguerite Louise (Margot), * Denain/Valenciennes 31.10.1900, + 1992


oo Paris 06.08.1922 Jacques Engelbach


Engelbach, Maria Katharina, * Bischwiller, Alsace 12.06.1726
Descendance inconnue


Engelbach, Maria Louisa, * 06.10.1729, + 09.12.1729


Engelbach, Maria Magdalena, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 04.07.1728, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 02.10.1743
Descendance inconnue


Engelbach, Maria Magdalena, * 1740, + 04.1786
Ancêtres de Ernst Reuter, maire de Berlin


oo Reitwiller, Alsace 09.11.1758 Hermann Lange


Engelbach, Maria Regina, * Neuwiller-lès-Saverne, Alsace 26.01.1662


Engelbach, Maria Salome, * ? 02.11.1666, + Westhoffen/Alsace 17.04.1684


Engelbach, Maria Sibylla


oo Bouxwiller, Alsace? 27.11.1759 Johann Doll


Engelbach, Marie Lise, Kinésithérapeute, * Paris 22.04.1946


oo I. Massy 07.06.1969 Hamid Nabouli, II. 1977 Francis Bacqué


Engelbach, Marie Magdalena Sophie, * 1680


oo I. Colmar Marc Marzolph, II. Colmar Johann Barth


Engelbach, Marie Mathilde, * Strasbourg 14.02.1853, + Paris 29.09.1923


oo Paris 09.05.1878 Edouard Gruner


Engelbach, Marion, Architecte, * Marseille 26.11.1961


Engelbach, Marjorie, * Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA UM 1903


Engelbach, Mark Edwin


Engelbach, Mark Edwin


Engelbach, Mark Patrick


Engelbach, Mary Ann


Engelbach, Mary Muriel, * 1915


Engelbach, Mary N., * UM 1903


oo I. Paddington 1923 Reginald Remes, II. ? Rabolti


Engelbach, Mary Severin, * 1845


oo 1865 Henry Paine


Engelbach, Maryline, Dessinatrice en architecture industrielle, * Lyon 06.06.1973


Engelbach, Mathilde, * Toulouse 22.10.1984


Engelbach, Mathilde, * Haguenau 06.06.1994


Engelbach, Mathilde Eugénie, * 26.06.1815, + 26.10.1838


Engelbach, Matthew Alan, * 11.07.1979, + 11.07.1979


Engelbach, Maurice, * Strasbourg 10.05.1854, getauft Strasbourg 11.05.1854, + Strasbourg 07.10.1854


Engelbach, Mauritius Werner, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 02.09.1735, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 12.05.1738


Engelbach, Michael, Grain merchant, * 01.1949


oo 17.08.1974 Sandra Jenkins


Engelbach, Michel Yves, Cadre commercial, * Mulhouse 07.05.1950


oo Guebwiller, Alsace 15.07.1972 Yolande Brugger


Engelbach, Micheline, * Guebwiller, Alsace 27.11.1925


oo Paris 15e 14.10.1950 Jean Finiels


Engelbach, Mildred Alice, * 17.06.1863, + London 06.03.1940


oo 17.08.1892 James Chadwick


Engelbach, Minerva, * Brooklyn, New York, USA 30.01.1877, + Long Island, New York, USA 1954


oo UM 1905 Henry Witzenburger


Engelbach, Muriel, * Valence 17.04.1983
Baccalauréat 2001


Engelbach, Nicola Jane, * 09.08.1982


Engelbach, Nicolas, Officier de carrière, * Marseille 04.04.1963


oo Valérie Petitjean


Engelbach, Nicolaus Adolph, * Kusel, Pfalz, Bayern 08.07.1846, + Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA 02.09.1927, begraben St. Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery, Allegany, New York 05.09.1927
"Came alone at the age of 23 to America aboard the ship BELLONA. The ship sailed from Le Havre, France after first taking on passengers in London. He travelled in steerage. The boat left London on 9 Nov 1869 and left Le Havre on 11 Nov 1869. There were 399 passengers of whick 175 were from Germany. Upon arrival in Olean, New York he worked as a farm laborer and at a tannery before operating "The Standard Hotel" between the years of 1883 - 1912. The hotel was located at 720 Wayne St. and included a saloon and restaurant. He applied for citizenship in 1880 and was granted citizenship in 1882. Was living with daughter Frances Frey in the 1915 census and stayed at her home until his death in 1927. He died at the age of 80 of Bright's disease. Suzanne Engelbach Leezeberg recalls that he was blind at the time of his death. He is buried at St. Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery in Allegany, New York alongside the Frey family."


oo 1870 Catherine Mayer


Engelbach, Nicole, Aide à domicile, * Paris 04.07.1944


oo 04.09.1972 Jacques Bousquet


Engelbach, Noelle, * Valence 21.07.1988


Engelbach, Nona Janet, * 1918


Engelbach, Olivier, Ebeniste, * Paris 21.10.1953


oo Bourg St. Bernard 06.06.1992 Anne Bru


Engelbach, Orel, * Draguignan 08.01.1989


Engelbach, Patrick, Chargé de mission auprès d'une collectivité locale, * Paris 30.10.1961
"Responsable du développement économique de la ville de Sarcelles (1999)"


oo 1991 Béatrice Thèves


Engelbach, Patrick, Instituteur, * Mulhouse 07.01.1954


oo Alboussière 31.07.1976 Francoise Valla


Engelbach, Patrick Stevens, Fighter pilot, * 1922, + England (crash) 02.1955
Michael Shenstone:
"Patrick Stevens Engelbach was given the name "Stevens" because of anti-German feeling against his family name. Squadron leader in 23 squadron, all-weather Venom jets."


oo London 09.1946 Helena Philby


Engelbach, Paul, * 27.05.1982


Engelbach, Paul, Médecin, * Strasbourg 05.04.1858, + Le Havre 26.05.1929
Matrikel Paris:
"Paul Engelbach, * Straßburg, Medizin"

Thèse de doctorat:
"Les tumeurs malignes de la prostate", Paris 1888

"Docteur en médecine au Havre. Elève de la Faculté de médecine de Paris en 1877; interne des hôpitaux en 1884 et lauréat (mention honorable), il fut recu docteur en 1888 (avec la thèse mentionnée ci-dessus). Médecin au Havre depuis 1888, il fut nommé chirurgien des hôpitaux en mai 1889, et chirurgien de l'hôpital Pasteur en 1895. Il est titulaire d'une médaille des épidémies pour l'épidémie de choléra 1902. (...) Membre du comité de rédaction de la "Revue médicale de Normandie"; ancien président du Syndicat des médecins de l'arrondissement du Havre.
26, rue Naude, Le Havre"
(Les Dictionnaires départementaux, Seine-Inférieure, 2e édition, vers 1905),
membre de la Légion d'Honneur


oo Le Havre 02.10.1889 Madeleine Amphoux


Engelbach, Pauline, * Paris 10.11.1976


Engelbach, Pauline K., * Kensington, Middlesex 29.09.1874, + London 195
"Auntie Polie". Suffered from diabetes. Beloved by her great-nephew Michael Shenstone."


Engelbach, Percy


Engelbach, Peter Daniel, Kommissariatsassistent, * Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 26.04.1800, + Homburg, Pfalz, Bayern 1880
königlicher Steuereinnehmer


oo Vital, Bruchmühlbach, Pfalz, Bayern 10.09.1822 Maria Munzinger


Engelbach, Petrus Carolus, * Bernkastel, Rheinland, Preussen 26.04.1841


Engelbach, Philipp, * Zweibrücken 01.09.1774


Engelbach, Philipp Heinrich, * Zweibrücken 17.01.1756


Engelbach, Philipp Karl Gottlieb Emanuel, Kaufmann/Négociant à Mayence, * Meisenheim, Rheinland, Preussen 26.09.1790, + Mainz 17.08.1853
Sehr geehrter Herr Engelbach,

folgende Informationen können wir den
uns vorliegenden Familienregistern der Stadt Mainz (Eintragungen
Mainzer Familien Ende 18. bis Anfang 20. Jahrhundert) im
Registereintrag Nr. 6125 entnehmen:

Gottlieb Engelbach wurde am 04.09.1823
in Mainz als Sohn des Kaufmanns Philipp Karl Gottlieb Heinrich Emanuel
Engelbach (geb. 26.09.1790 in Meisenheim, gest. 17.08.1853 in Mainz) und
der Anna Maria Jos[efa] (geb. 01.12.1796 in Mainz, 26.06.1867 in Mainz)
geboren. Die Eltern heirateten am 28.01.1818 in Mainz. Aus der Ehe gingen
insgesamt 10 bzw. 11 Kinder hervor.

Zu Gottlieb Engelbach findet sich außer
der Nennung des Geburtsdatums lediglich der Vermerk: "Professor
zu Bonn".

Gerne schicken wir Ihnen eine beglaubigte
Kopie des Familienregistereintrags zu, wenn Sie uns die Beglaubigungsgebühr
von 7 € zuzüglich des Portos (1,45 €) im Voraus begleichen - in Form
eines Verrechnungsschecks oder als Überweisung auf folgende Bankverbindung:

Sparkasse Mainz, BLZ 55050120, Ktonr.
331 - unter Angabe der Haushaltsstelle 1.3212.110100.2. und Ihres Namens.

Selbstverständlich können Sie aber auch
gerne persönlich zu unseren Öffnungszeiten (Mo-Do 9-12.30 Uhr und
13-18 Uhr, Mo-Sa 9-12.30 Uhr) vorbeikommen und die uns vorliegenden Unterlagen
selbst einsehen.

Wir sind im Besitz der stadtmainzischen
Kirchenbücher aus dem Zeitraum 1582-1798 sowie der anschließenden stadtmainzischen
Zivilstandsregister (Geburts-, Heirats- und Sterbeeintragungen) der Jahre

Die Kirchenbücher sind über eine Kirchenbuchkartei
erschlossen, die nach phonetischem Alphabet geordnet ist. Die Zivilstandsregister
sind nicht über eine Kartei erschlossen, verfügen aber jahrgangsweise über
alphabetische Indices.

In diesen Quellen dürften sich - auch
mit Hilfe der oben genannten Daten aus dem Familienregistereintrag - weitere
Informationen über Ihre Familie finden lassen.

Bitte geben Sie uns kurz Nachricht (telefonisch
unter 06131/122178 oder an stadtarchivstadt.mainz.de), wann Sie kommen
möchten, damit wir Ihnen die Unterlagen bereitlegen können.

Für Ihr weiteres Forschen wünschen wir
Ihnen viel Erfolg!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Heike Rolf

27. 07. 2006_________________________________________

Heike Rolf

Stadtarchiv Mainz, Rheinallee 3 B, D-55116 Mainz

Tel.: 06131/12 2660, Fax: 06131/12 3569

E-Mail: Heike.Rolfstadt.mainz.de


oo Mainz 28.01.1818 Anna Josefa


Engelbach, Philipp Ludwig, * Zweibrücken 27.05.1762


Engelbach, Philippe, Cadre administratif, * Mulhouse 22.04.1954


oo Soultz, Alsace 15.09.1978 Agnès Bechtel


Engelbach, Philippine Henriette, * Zweibrücken


oo Zweibrücken 16.06.1779 Karl Moser


Engelbach, Philippine Henriette Katharina, * Zweibrücken 24.06.1778


Engelbach, Philippine Juliane, * Zweibrücken 07.05.1743


Engelbach, Pierre, Médecin, * Le Havre 03.12.1890, + Paris 22.02.1961


oo Paris 06.07.1933 Paule Marchand


Engelbach, Raymond, Entreprise Monod, * Denain 15.08.1902, + Paris 27.11.1973


oo Massy 27.12.1941 Odile Bailliart


Engelbach, Regina Dolores, * 09.06.1932


oo All Saints Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 05.02.1955 James Hourigan


Engelbach, Reginald, Egyptologue, * Moreton Hampstead, Devon, England 19.07.1888, + Le Caire 26.02.1946
Michael Shenstone:
"Condensed from "Who was who 1941 - 1950": Educated Tonbridge School, Central Technical College London, after diploma 1909, joined British School of Archeology in Egypt as assistant to Sir Flinders Petrie; joined the Artists' Rifles on August 6 1914, served in France till Feb. 1915, then at Suvla Bay and in Egypt, Palestine and Syria in the Royal Engineers. In 1918 he travelled over Palestine and Syria as a member of the Anglo-French archeological mission to report on the antiquities; demobilised as Captain 1919. Chief Inspector of Antiquities, Upper Egypt 1920; Assistant Keeper of the Cairo Museum 1925, Keeper 1928 - 41; Technical Adviser to the Antiquities Dept. Egyptian Government 1942. Many books and articles on ancient Egypt. Joan Wand-Tetley says that his mother's elder sister's husband, a Dr. Bailey in Brighton, interested in physiotherapy, rescued him after an injury in a rugger scrum in Wales moved his heart three inches."


oo 1915 Nancy Lambert


Engelbach, Robert, * Strasbourg 19.12.1862, + Lichtental 31.05.1864


Engelbach, Robert Jules, * 03.10.1900, + 07.12.1911


Engelbach, Roger, Inspecteur Butagaz, * Auchel, Nord 31.07.1904, + Etampes 07.04.1964


oo I. Paris 10.03.1923 Marie Bernard, II. Paris 14.11.1939 Jacqueline Bailliart


Engelbach, Rudolf, * Ladenburg, Germany 30.06.1844, + Ladenburg, Germany 18.07.1844


Engelbach, Rudolph, * Kaiserslautern, Pfalz, Bayern 26.04.1876


Engelbach, Rupert, * 12.1924


Engelbach, Sabine, * Valence 08.08.1981
Baccalauréat 2000


Engelbach, Sally Elinor, BBC TV set designer, * Wilmslow, Cheshire 06.08.1944


oo I. Warwick Registry Office 04.06.1988 Robert Calladine, II. Stephen Williams


Engelbach, Simone Marguerite, * 08.02.1890, + 25.07.1908


Engelbach, Sophia Dorothea, * ? 19.06.1751, + Pirmasens 19.06.1751


Engelbach, Sophie Adèle Fanny, * Strasbourg 03.07.1808, + Strasbourg 09.10.1809


Engelbach, Steff


Engelbach, Susanna Maria, * Zweibrücken 25.04.1750


Engelbach, Susanna Maria, * Zweibrücken 17.12.1745, + 1750


Engelbach, Susanna Phil. Friederika, * 11.01.1776


Engelbach, Susanna Philippina Friederike, * Homburg 11.01.1776


Engelbach, Suzanne


oo Arno Leeseburg


Engelbach, Suzanne (Suzon), * Le Havre 18.06.1896, + Londres 01.05.1971


oo Le Havre 04.01.1923 Edouard Guiton


Engelbach, Tessa, * 08.06.1977


Engelbach, Theodor, * Ladenburg, Germany 07.03.1840


Engelbach, Theodore, * Brooklyn, New York, USA 06.1880, + East Meadow, Nassau, New York, USA 24.03.1943


oo UM 1923 Augusta Krotha


Engelbach, Theophil, Professor für Chemie in Giessen und Bonn, * Mainz 04.09.1823, + Bonn 01.04.1872
Dr. Theophil Engelbach, * Mainz 4. 9. 1823, + Bonn 1. 4. 1872,
Gymnasium in Mainz, Maturitätsexamen und Studium der Pharmazie u. a. in Paris,
dann Studium der Chemie in Giessen,
als Unterrichtsassistent am dortigen Universitätslaboratorium 16 Jahre tätig;

Über die Destillationsprodukte fossiler und anderer Substanzen als Beleuchtungsmittel, und Untersuchung der Destillationsprodukte des bituminösen Sandes von Heide in Holstein,
Giessen 29. 10. 1853
(Habil. phil. 9. 5. 1857),

ab 1863 außerordentlicher Professor für Chemie in Giessen,
ab 1869 in gleicher Funktion in Bonn, Tod durch ein Lungenleiden


Engelbach, Thomas


Engelbach, Thomas Joseph, * 06.03.1928


oo Saint Martin of Tours, Philadelphia, Penn., USA UM 1952 Mary Hammon


Engelbach, Valentine, Kinésithérapeute, * Amiens 07.01.1967
Im Geschäft: 0033 4 79 06 90 44,
Anschrift: Chef Lieu, 73640 Sainte Foy Tarentaise


oo Le Conquet, Finistère 05.06.1999 Alexandre Rippe


Engelbach, Verona


Engelbach, Verona, * 1897


oo Arthur Geraghty


Engelbach, Vincent, * Haguenau 21.07.1992


Engelbach, Vincent Edward, * 1868, + 1934


oo Elissa Hunter


Engelbach, Violette, * Denain 24.11.1897, + Bourg 07.08.1942


oo Paris 02.03.1922 Gaspard König


Engelbach, Walburga Clara, * Obermoschel, Pfalz, Bayern 26.02.1844


oo Josef Fritsch


Engelbach, Wilhelm Ludwig Reinh, * Bouxwiller, Alsace 01.06.1774, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 01.06.1774


Engelbach, Wilhelm Otto Helmut, * Homburg 01.04.1895, + Homburg 30.05.1896


Engelbach, Wilhelmina, * Ladenburg, Germany 13.02.1837, + Ladenburg, Germany 27.02.1837


Engelbach, William Charles, in Navy, * London ? 1843


Engelbach, Willie, * 14.12.1890, + 30.06.1893


Engelbach, Xavier, * Paris 28.10.1995


Engelbach, Yves Henri, Ingénieur électricien industriel, * Denain 30.01.1894, + Mulhouse 01.10.1948
"Ingénieur, Fondé de pouvoirs des Filatures et tissages Bourcart à Guebwiller"


oo Guebwiller, Alsace 26.07.1920 Germaine Bourcart


Engelbach, Yves Henri, * Mulhouse 28.05.1951




Michaelis, Anna Catharina Elisabeth


oo Sebastian Rischke







Rischke, Johanna Catharina Sophia, * Harnekop, Brandebourg 19.10.1702, + Bouxwiller, Alsace 16.12.1773


oo Mühlheim, Pfalz (ou Allenweiler?) 06.05.1721 Johann Engelbach


Rischke, Sebastian


oo Anna Michaelis